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Supposedly Earth was denied citizenship in a real galactic federation. Here are the details you'll want to know.

Did a real UFO contact us? See if Earth will join the Galactic Federation

In a crushing blow to our collective earthly egos, it turns out there’s a Galactic Federation in the universe and we aren’t even the ones who started it. A retired Israeli general has come forth with the shocking revelation, confirming UFOs are real & aliens have secretly been in contact with Israel & the U.S. for years.

The aforementioned general, Haim Eshed, 87, served as the head of Israel’s space security program for nearly thirty years & is a three-time recipient of the Israel Security Award. Real UFOs are what this guy prepared for his entire life & now he’s finally ready to spill the beans about the alien wheeling & dealing that has taken place unbeknownst to the general public.

Life on Mars

One of the biggest bombshells dropped by Eshed is the existence of an underground alien base on Mars. The retired general, now a professor, told the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot about agreements made between the aliens & the U.S. – agreements whose purpose is to collaborate in researching & understanding “the fabric of the universe”. The Martian base is part of that collaboration. 

Could this explain President Donald Trump’s seemingly random creation of our very own Space Force, now a fifth branch of the U.S. armed forces? Eshed stated that not only has Trump been aware of the aliens but he also was “on the verge” of exposing the very real UFOs. However, the Galactic Federation stepped in and stopped him (did they hack his Twitter account? Is this what “covfefe” was about?).

But don’t be fooled into thinking the aliens are shy. Rather, they simply didn’t believe we were ready to handle such an epic expansion of our worldview. According to Eshed, the Federation was concerned about mass hysteria spreading through our planet, as they felt humanity hasn’t yet “evolved and reached a stage where (they) will understand what space and spaceships are”. The aliens didn’t think we were ready for real UFOs.

Why now?

Regardless of how the Galactic Federation feels about us, it’s clear Haim Eshed considers humanity ready to have its eyes opened to the wonders of extraterrestrial contact. Or, perhaps more accurately, he knows his words carry more weight now and the chances of him being committed to a mental facility for telling us UFOs are real are much lower.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he candidly told Yediot. But he also argued the academic landscape has changed, along with the growth of his own reputation. “Today, they are talking differently. I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.”

Ashed is going all in when it comes to sharing the intel on the Galactic Federation. His newest book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed, provides other tantalizing details about our encounters with real UFOs. The book explains how aliens have prevented nuclear apocalypses and gives the lowdown on “when we can jump in and visit the Men in Black”.

A potential link?

President Trump’s Space Force is not the only suspicious recent development that could have ties to real UFOs. Eshed’s claims coincided with a recent announcement from SpaceIL, the group behind Israel’s attempt at landing a spacecraft on the Moon in 2019. The enterprise was a failure, but it seems SpaceIL is getting ready to give interplanetary travels another go.

SpaceIL uploaded a fifteen-second video of the Moon with cryptic text teasing “Back to the Moon” and the date December 9, 2020. That date is the most perplexing aspect of the video, since the group’s follow-up project is not expected to be ready for another three years.

Perhaps they’re getting a little help from the Galactic Federation? It certainly sounds like the kind of team-up that would happen in 2020.

Do you think this Galactic Federation is real? Do you believe in UFOs, or life on Mars? Let us know in the comments!

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  • The truth is still out there, read Codename Angel

    December 12, 2020
  • Yea I believe. To much proof out there. To many planets for there not to be life. And I’m not going to go crazy if they announce there is life beyond earth. Ancient aliens have you not seen the show. Come on! LOL

    December 13, 2020
  • There are lightworkers all around you. If one tries to give you the message to the truth.. please listen and know all of this revolves around love,peace and truth for all mankind…

    March 16, 2021
  • Peace and love to all

    March 16, 2021
  • I AM A UFO hehe pretty sure Pleiadian

    April 1, 2021

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