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Netflix’s first season of 'Space Force' was met with mixed reactions by most. Should we watch season 2 on Netflix? Here's what we know.

‘Space Force’ on Netflix gets season 2: Is this really the best idea?

Netflix’s first season of Space Force was met with mixed reactions by most – we even wrote an article that essentially called it hot garbage with massive potential. The unusual workplace sitcom starring Steve Carell was highly anticipated, which made each joke that fell flat feel like even more of a let down for the large number of people who were looking for the next great sitcom obsession.

Despite the lukewarm reception that Space Force received Netflix has decided to take a chance on the show and give it a second season. Since Netflix has such an itchy trigger finger this surprised a lot of people, many shows with rave reviews never make it past their first season on the streaming platform.

Apparently, Space Force ticked the right boxes for Netflix and the show is set to begin filming in early 2021. There are a few changes already being anticipated and a lot of questions forming from viewers.

Filming location change

One of the reasons Netflix cancels their shows is that due to the contracts they write up – every new season of a show is more expensive to produce than the last. However, Space Force has decided to move production from Los Angeles, California to Vancouver, Canada in order to cut back on some of the costs.

The show had some pretty impressively large sets so it’ll be interesting to see if moving to a different country will affect them in any way. One of the most pressing thoughts on our mind is that the military base is meant to be in a dry desert – something Vancouver looks nothing like with their rain and lush foliage.

New creative talent

Norm Hiscock is apparently joining the crew of Space Force to help it “grow creatively”. Something we harped on quite a bit in our review was the fact they seemed to be holding themselves back, so this sounds potentially promising.

Hiscock is best known for his work on Parks and Recreation, King of the Hill, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so he has some extremely popular shows under his belt. However, people thought Space Force was sure to be a hit simply because Steve Carell was in the U.S. version of The Office. We’re leaving room for hope that Hiscock can improve the show, however.

Forced pivot?

Space Force was originally created as a show to poke fun at the concept of the United States’s very real new military branch, and the admin that created it. However, it seems highly likely that the administration that created the real Space Force is on its way out. The show will have to decide how rooted in reality it wants to be – is it worth it to acknowledge an admin change or just let it go?

Frankly, if Netflix is reading this, we’d say to just let it go. While the show was originally meant to make fun of the concept of a Space Force, we think it’s best to just accept that right now it’s impossible to make fiction feel stranger than reality. The show barely acknowledged the government or the president in the show anyway & when they did the president remained unnamed & was never seen or heard on screen.

It wouldn’t even be noticeable to just not acknowledge the president ever again – or if they do they can still make the president be anything or anyone they want since we know essentially nothing about them. It’d feel more awkward to make an attempt at any form of “realism”.

Can it work?

In our review of season one of Space Force, we said that the show had an abundance of potential that it practically denied itself at every turn. They brought in huge names in comedy only to essentially give them cameos, the heartfelt & sincere moments were far more enjoyable than any of the strange jokes, and the plotlines felt painfully rushed.

We did say that we’d like to see a second season of the show, but with the caveat that they need to learn from their mistakes. Honestly, if the show could just embrace the idea it’s a dramedy and not a sitcom it could be a surprise smash hit.

Many sources are saying it’s possible the show was given a shot at a second season by Netflix in order to woo skeptical audiences into loving it, much like The Office did with their second season. We think it’s possible, but unlikely if they stick to the formula they used in season one. Hopefully, Hiscock, who is a veteran of more heartfelt comedy shows like Parks and Rec can show them the way into people’s hearts.

Otherwise, season two will be a heaping pile of steamy garbage and we’ll be disappointed to have to write the show off entirely. (And Netflix will likely have to as well.)

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