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The summer is finally here, but how do you grow anything in a concrete jungle? Check out our awesome ideas for urban gardens any city-slicker can handle.

Check out these urban gardens for some summer inspiration!

Looking to live out your cottage-core dreams but live in a concrete jungle? Try adding an urban garden to your city abode! Even if you have a small space, you can still have the garden of your dreams. 

From rooftop escapes to indoor greenhouses, there are numerous ways to add an urban garden to your home! We’ve found some of the best urban garden inspiration you need to flourish this summer. Here are some urban gardens you can easily recreate in your home or neighborhood!

Balcony sanctuary

A balcony garden is perfect for apartment dwellers with limited outdoor space. A balcony garden is ideal because of access to sunshine and protection from wind. Annuals & perennials do well in balcony gardens due to the exposure to sunlight.

Fruits & vegetables such as tomatoes & lettuce are also great for balcony living. Always be certain to have saucers below your pots to prevent water from draining onto someone else’s balcony. 

Rooftop retreat

Garden rooftops are a great option if you have access & permission to start one. It’s recommended that rooftop plants are made as light as possible to avoid any damage to the building. Planters made of fiberglass, wood, foam, or plastic are advised to keep your garden light.

In return for your hard efforts, you’ll get your very own rooftop oasis in the middle of the city. Make all your friends jealous and your neighbors happy by starting a rooftop garden.

Mini greenhouse

No balcony or rooftop? No problem, try an adorable mini greenhouse instead. All it takes is a few affordable materials and you’ll be able to grow whatever stunning plants you want.

There are plenty of tutorials online on how to make your own mini greenhouse. However, if you’re not the best carpenter, there are plenty of affordable miniature greenhouses for sale online. 

Indoor greenhouses

You don’t have to go mini when building your greenhouse. Many people have discovered on TikTok that an Ikea cabinet is actually the perfect indoor greenhouse. Due to its popularity on TikTok, it’s fairly easy to find a how-to guide on acquiring your own indoor greenhouse cabinet. 

The most desirable plants usually require a greenhouse, so with your very own, you can have plants such as orchids & anthuriums. The indoor greenhouse also keeps your pets from eating any toxic plants. Also, whenever you move, just take the whole greenhouse with you.

Rain gutter garden

A rain gutter garden is the perfect, most beginner-friendly way to get started with your urban gardens. You can use old gutters that aren’t rusted for your first project. However, new rain gutters are relatively inexpensive.

Make sure to add drainage holes to your rain gutters before planting your soil. You can even paint your rain gutters for a more colorful aesthetic. Get your most artistic friend to help design your quaint urban garden.

Plants including succulents, strawberries, leafy greens, snap peas, and radishes are perfect for rain gutter gardens. You can also plant plenty of herbs such as mint, basil, and rosemary.

Vertical garden

Try a vertical garden and turn your entire wall into a lush green decoration. There are countless ways to make your vertical garden unique by adding your favorite plants & flowers. You can buy a vertical garden kit or start your own DIY project

Vertical gardens are usually easier to maintain than regular gardens. You won’t have to repeatedly bend over to care for your plants. Instead, your beautiful plants are all at eye level. Also, the fact that the plants are in containers means you’ll dedicate less of your time to battling pests.

Are you thinking about starting your own urban garden this summer? Let us know which of these gardens you’ll choose in the comments below!

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