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Is home renovation on your list of New Year's resolutions? Check out some DIY ideas to make your living space the home of your dreams.

Is home renovation on your 2021 to-do list? All the best DIY tips

With the holiday season going in full swing and many parts of the world still stuck in quarantine, it’s safe to say you’ll probably be spending most of your time indoors this time of year. Instead of spending your holidays scrolling through social media or bingewatching another new TV show, why not spice up your home with a little renovation instead? 

As we’re spending more time than ever in the comfort of our own homes, it’s all the more reason to dive into some DIY home renovation projects to make it look & feel more like the home of your dreams. We’ve got you covered with a list of some awesome DIY tips to spruce up your living space – and make it more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. 

Customize your mirror

While the mirror propped up in your room is always there to make sure you look good, why not also help make it look great as well? There are plenty of simple ways to beautify your mirror, either through lining up mosaic tiles on the sides for a glamorous look, doing wood paneling for a more earthy vibe, or simply painting the frames a different color. This project can easily be done within an hour. 

Stencil & paint your furniture 

This is a fairly simple DIY home renovation project for adding a little bit of life into your boring furniture. You can either paint your furniture a brand new color or add some creativity by using a stencil & some chalk paint to create cute designs onto anything needing a little extra beauty in the house – such as drawers, cabinets, bedside tables, and more. 

Extra shelves 

This is an option that is fairly simple, quick, and cheap to do. Simply add some “floating shelves” to any wall that looks a little too blank & bland and store anything from books & family pictures to small knick-knacks. It’ll not only be convenient as a storage space for smaller items, but it will also bring some more life to your home by showcasing your interests, favorite memories, or hobbies. 

Create your own fire pit

What’s a more perfect DIY home renovation project for the cold winter weather other than building the best firepit for the family in the backyard? Austin Alvarez of Building Our Rez explained “Go to your local hardware store and grab 30 pewter concrete retaining wall blocks, a bag of pea pebbles, and a bag of paver base. Two hours later you’ll be roasting all the marshmallows with the closest of friends and family”.

Crown molding

Lining your walls with crown molding is a subtle detail that makes all the difference in making your home look sophisticated. There are numerous materials to choose from depending on what look you’re going for, such as wood or plaster. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper & simpler, you can always try peel & stick crown molding. 

Outdoor area

Let’s not forget about the outside of your house when it comes to home renovations. A few ways you can spruce up your house’s exterior is through either painting your front door or switching it up altogether, installing shelves on the outside of your windows to place potted plants if you’ve got a green thumb, or build some fencing around the house if you’re in the need of more privacy. The options are endless!

Transform your basement or attic

If your basement or attic acts only as storage space and has just been left unattended gathering dust for years, make your house feel bigger by turning it into an extra room. Find a weekend to clean it up, buy some furniture, and turn it into an extra guest room or something fun for parties such as an awesome game room. 

Will you be trying out some of the DIY home renovation projects listed here? Do you have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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