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Get your family out of the house with all these great celebratory activities for Earth Day! Check out all the amazing memories you can make here.

Get creative with these fun, family-friendly activities for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! This special day held on the 22nd of April every single year first began in the United States in the 1970s to bring awareness on important environmental issues. Since then, the first international Earth Celebration Day was held in 1990 and has spread to other countries all over the world. On this day, folks should take the time to learn and discuss environmental issues and find out how we can work and help. 

Earth Day is a very necessary day, and becomes more important as the years go by and climate change continues to get more and more drastic. While Earth Day is just one day, hopefully we can take the lessons and activities we’ve learned on this very day into our everyday lives and help save the planet for future generations onward. 

On this Earth Day, hopefully we can teach the little ones all about how we can be more environmentally conscious. This day serves as a perfect opportunity to both educate them and also get the whole family together to make some exciting memories with each other. Want to know how you can celebrate this amazing day? Let’s take a look at some fun activities you can do for Earth Day here. 

Get out of the house

There are plenty of activities you can do for Earth Day here, and the easiest one is to just simply get out of the house with your family and enjoy the sunshine. Whether this is just simply hanging out in your backyard, splashing around in the pool, or visiting a local park, take the time today to really appreciate the simple pleasures that the world has to offer today. 

However, if you want to make the scenery today extra beautiful, take the family out on a little trip to a gorgeous hiking trail. Look out for the wildlife in the trees or lakes, and make sure to bring along a camera to take some pretty pictures. This is a perfect way to get your kids (and you) off of their electronic devices and take the time to really appreciate all that nature has to offer.

Get into gardening

Have a green thumb? Why not pass it along to your kids and the rest of the family by doing some fun gardening activities for Earth Day. One way is to help plant a tree. If you can’t do it in your backyard, you and your family can participate in a tree planting project that is most likely easy to find in your local community. Help spruce up your house or community by adding some more green!

Planting a tree is a perfect way to teach your kids about how necessary they are to life. Trees can help reduce energy consumption by breaking wind and also providing shade during the hotter days. They also help out birds and other animals with shelter and shade, as well as stabilizing soil to reduce erosion. Trees also greatly improve air quality and help to reduce greenhouse gasses by absorbing carbon dioxide. 

There are also plenty of other things you can plant of course. Why not start a garden with the family? Getting your hands dirty in nature is the perfect activity for Earth Day, and there’s an unlimited amount of options you can choose to plant, from yummy veggies to juicy fruits. It is also just an awesome and environmentally conscious way to reduce your environmental footprint.

If you don’t have a lot of space at home, try growing an indoor garden, instead. There lots of plants you can grow indoors, such as herbs, vegetables, decorative plants, and even small fruit-bearing trees. You can also try growing mushrooms at home. While they’re not plants, cultivating mushrooms can entail the same steps as growing green plants. Get started with these ready-made mushroom grow kits for kids and beginners.

Go carless

One of the most beneficial activities we can participate in for Earth Day is going carless, at least for a day. We understand that in modern times, going to places without a car or any form of vehicle transportation seems nearly impossible, right? Well, we assure you there are tons of ways you and your family can get by without harming the environment. Try to do this at least for a day at least!

Instead of driving to a hiking trail or local park to spend the day at, why not bike there, skateboard there, or scooter there? You can even just take a stroll with the family. It is also a perfect way to get your exercise in!

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