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A creative couple decided to do a little DIY and ended up desiging an easy way for people to cultivate cannabis at home.

Covid shutdown inspires creative couple to explore DIY cultivation influences by modern design

Over the July 4th weekend, designer and engineer Thomas Lopez and stylist and interior designer Mitch Phillips were traveling to their cabin in Pinetop, AZ, when they decided to stop at a rural flea market. Amid the relics, and other typical flea market antiques, Lopez discovered a booth selling boutique cannabis seeds for home cultivation of cannabis and CBD/CBG. 

While not a grower, Lopez’s experience in developing products involving hydro-dynamics had him consulting at a cannabis farm in rural Arizona that was experiencing issues with their irrigation system just before the holiday weekend, this experience showed him the vast potential for home growers that were looking for alternative wellness solutions.

As he learned more about the home cultivation of cannabis, Lopez’s thirty-plus years of DIY and product development experience led him to explore at-home cultivation. With over twenty unique patents, Lopez is no stranger to developing niche and micro-niche products. As he dove deeper into DIY cultivation, he realized there were grow tents for DIY growers, but they were aesthetically unappealing, inelegant, and had no place in modern environments.

As cannabis consumption has become more mainstream with a focus on wellness, more people are looking for at-home solutions to cultivate and grow their own. Lopez researched the home cannabis products and decided that the engineered grow tents on the market for home use were not the best solution for anyone looking to grow their own cannabis without having an unappealing black monolith in their living room. 

With the formation of HEXGRO, Lopez and Phillips have joined forces to design and develop over-engineered grow tents with designs inspired by minimalism and modern architecture. The H1 is their first grow tent, which utilizes Hexagonal design at its core.

With the ability to expand from 6 feet to 8 feet, the H1 allows growers to customize their environment, airflow, and lighting set-ups. The three-panel access door allows unparalleled access, while a smaller single panel door gives growers the ability to make micro-adjustments or examinations. The interior features Hexagonal mylar to increase efficiency by harnessing reflective symmetry and providing reflective light across twelve planes.

The exterior features tones inspired by minimal design and constructed with durable 1680D canvas, aluminum hexagonal poles, and tones that allow the H1 to blend seamlessly with any modern space.

As cannabis consumption and cultivation becomes more mainstream and focused on wellness, consumers want to know that what they’re consuming is produced organically without harmful herbicides or pesticides. By growing their own cannabis consumers have complete control of the strain, quality, and natural production method, and there H1 allows cultivators to utilize this control in a streamlined modern setting.

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