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Netflix's deservedly big hit 'Money Heist' will surely be continued. Here are our favorite real-life heists that are perfect fodder for the gripping show. Read more
Should you listen to Tokyo – or Berlin? Get through the holiday blues with some inspirational quotes from Netflix's breakout hit 'Money Heist'. Read more
Talk shows can go good or bad depending on the host and what’s being put out there. Here's what we know about 'The Ellen Show' cancellation. Read more
'Tiger King' has shocked Netflix viewers since its release, but the main question everyone's walking away with isn't about Joe Exotic, but Carole Baskin. Read more
Since Jeffrey Epstein's arrest and eventual death in 2019, more information has been released about the notorious island Little St. James. Read more
Jeffrey Epstein's island is known for its suspicious activities, but who are all the celebrities who visited him there? Read more
We spoke with the founders of 'Sinderela' to find out how to produce content after COVID-19 and their latest classic horror movie 'Sinderela Rojo'. Read more
Quarantine has made us all get that much closer to our animals. Here's some funny dog memes to get you laughing through quarantine. Read more
One serial killer is bad enough, but serial killer couples take "Til death do us part" to a new level. Learn about Ian Bradley, Myra Hindley, and more. Read more
Marcus Wesson is currently in a state prison awaiting the death sentence given to him in 2005. Here's everything we know about Marcus Wesson. Read more
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