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These are the 10 best ships of the year with reasons why they’re so iconic. As we move into the new decade, we certainly hope these love stories never die. Read more
Fans of 'Outlander' have been blessed with some incredible sex scenes. Here are our favorites from Claire and Jamie. Read more
Themes are crucial to any story. Producers need to know the screenplay's point to find out if your screenwriting is worth making into a show. Read more
Feature films are the reason we we wanted to go into screenwriting in the first place. However, you need to learn to walk before you can run. Read more
Let's talk about the history of film & screenwriting and gain some perspective on the ways stories have been told visually over the last century. Read more
Knowing the history of screenwriting helps your script become the best it can be, because you need to know where you’ve been to see where you’re going next. Read more
The Chinese drama 'The Untamed' has stolen our hearts. We’ve taken our obsession and compiled some of the very best quotes from the series, and the book. Read more
'The Witcher' is Netflix's much-anticipated new fantasy series. As we wait for the series to drop, we found some of the best quotes from 'The Witcher'. Read more
One of China’s biggest and most controversial hits of last summer is now on Netflix. Here's why everyone is watching 'The Untamed'. Read more
If you think Vaughn Stein's 'Terminal' may have deserved its bad reviews, check out these ten female assassin films instead. Read more
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