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‘The Untamed’: Quotes to live your fantasy life by

The Chinese drama The Untamed has stolen our hearts (and our weekends!). We have become completely enraptured with the fantasy series picked up by Netflix. Based on the web novel Mo Dao Zu Shi (translated as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, The Untamed is full of action, breathtaking cinematography, and a slow-burning romance. We can’t turn it off.

Have you noticed that once you’re all-in on a bingeworthy show you can’t get it out of your head at all? That’s how we’re feeling about The Untamed right now. So we’ve taken our obsession and compiled some of the very best quotes from the series, or the book. These bring us right back into the story, and the lessons we learned from it.

The Untamed on judgment

“Let the self judge the right and the wrongs, let others decide to praise or to blame and let the losses and gains remain uncommented on.”
—Wei Wu Xian

“Wei Wu Xian! Don’t you understand? When you’re standing on their side, you’re the bizarre genius, the miraculous hero, the force of the rebellion, the flower that blooms alone. But the second your voice differs from theirs, you’ve lost your mind, you’ve ignored morality, you’ve walked the crooked path. You think you can be immune to all those condemnations as you stay outside of the world and do whatever you want? No such precedent has happened before!”
—Jiang Cheng

“Why would a living person worry about what happens after they die? I’ll just live freely for as long as possible.”
—Wei Wu Xian

The Untamed on tackling Challenges

Nobody would remain at the top for all of eternity — legends are only legends.

“I don’t care about anybody’s open road, my only choice is a log bridge to devil.” 
Wei Wu Xian

“If there’s a hope, then let’s move.” 
—Wei Wu Xian

“Everything was the same as before. Yet, it was because of how everything was the same as before that it tormented the heart.”
墨香铜臭, 魔道祖师 (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

The Untamed on yearning

“I want to bring a person back to the hidden heaven, just bring him back, and hide him.”  – Lan Wang Ji

“For 13 years I wait for you. For 13 years, I play Inquiry for you, in hope that I could reach out for you—in hope that I could still talk to you. You never answer me back. All these questions in me left unanswered, all these feelings left unresolved. Why won’t you answer me back? Wei Ying, will you come back?” 
— Lan Wang Ji

“Daozhang, you wouldn’t forget me, would you? Let’s wait and see.”
Xue Yang

The Untamed on the complexities of love

“I’ve lied to countless people and have destroyed countless more. Just as you’ve said, murdering my father, my brother, my wife, my son, my master, my friends—There’s not a single sin left in this world that I haven’t committed! But you, only you, I’ve never ever wanted to harm you!”
—Jin Guang Yao

“I used to think of you as my soulmate.”
“I still am.”
Lan Wang Ji/ Wei Wu Xian

“If the face says nothing, listen to the heartbeat.”
Lan Wang Ji

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  • Hi Bridget, I read two of your earlier comment reviews of The Untamed. Do like it much. You pointed out due to mainland China’s stringent censorship policy the drama series film-maker have to water-down diluting the BL/ML heavy theme of its adapted original novel Mo Dao Zu Shi. The producers/director/screenplay scribes/film editors are creatively ingenius and resourceful in circumventing the censorship rules. Besides alluding to its BL/ML theme underscoring the whole storyline through clever scripting subtlety, protagonists-lover nuances (Dione Warwick’s lyric ‘The look of love’), mood creation, close proximity But guess what? I suppose the production team behind The Untamed not wanting to ‘betray’ the theme of its original novel and it’s woman author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, there’re three stark visuals clues for viewers to glimpse capturing the core essence underscoring the whole 50-episode series. They are:
    1. In EP5 – an early clue rather the scene in the pavilion Library where WeiYin is punished and confined under Lan Zhan’s watchful eyes. WY, 15 yo (in novel) hyper restless, prankish, little devilish teasing LZ at his work desk showed a pic he drew of LZ but thru sleight-of-hand exchanged a book already marked with a graphic classic homoerotic depiction of two men in love-making position! LZ unaware opened it horrified had the whole book sword-slashed into flying bits and pieces.

    The ingenuity of editors in just one-sec one frame in EP5 at 10:24. You need quick-silver ligthning fast finger to freeze the 1 sec frame to capture the sensuous homoerotic image – an ancient classic version of porno!

    I interprete it as early clue one-tenth into the series the director wanted to establish the original theme of the story context except he did it in such a way it’d take a very sharp pair of eagle-eye viewers to capture it! In a way a triumph over censorship shackling.

    2. In EP14 WY recuperating in his bed after the cave-trapped escape incident. The edotrs are kind enough to give us few secs glimpses of cutey kissing boys carved on the upper left side of WY’s wooden bed. WY gazing at it smiling lovingly perhaps in his mind one of the carved drawings is his beloved LZ.

    That’s at 33:22-33:34 as the camera panned from WY towards far left.

    3. Ofc audio-wise, strains of beautifully haunting lyrical dedicated theme song entitled WangXian/The Unrestrain is played whenever our two-lover boys/men are in close proximity, or gazing into each others face/eyes. In later part as their relationship blossoms on many instances even WY’s voice tone changes to soft caring loving tones when he calls out LZ’s name or talks to him.

    4. For me, LZ/WY’s most loud-telling that its an epic classic BL romance love-story specially saved for last by film director, Chen Jialin and his four screenplay writers is in the last finale poignant scene as WY slowly turn around upon hearing his name being called in a most delicate, heart-stopping voice-over tone, And ofc WY’s soft smile say it all and more than a million words could express! The panaromic mountain view casts it in stone of the romantic mood of a requited lovestory of two men, WeiYin and LanZhan!

    Btw I watched TU both on Netflix 55” TV bigscreen and also on 10” laptop screen. I was able to flashquick freeze the 1-sec frame of EP5 at the specific time slot mentioned watching it on Youtube at website. Not sure same can be captured on Netflix. Didn’t try it but now that is mentioned when I start missing WY/LZ I’d try if I could freeze the frame on Netflix and if the time countdown is the same in the next 7th time binge watching of The Untamed. A Fujoshi/Yaoi fan like me never get enuf of them both!

    December 10, 2019
    • Not sure if you noticed, But when Lan Zhan was drunk for the first time and was “tumbling from his bed” WWX’s slash belt was by the curtain! You can see the light blue belt! Think the directors put that in as well!

      June 29, 2020
  • I’m watching The UNTAMED for 23rd time and now again ep15.I really can’t move from this drama.the first reason is of course XIAO ZHAN And the Team.special thanks to The UNTAMED Director.WuJi love you too……….

    December 10, 2019
  • I don’t watch Chinese drama for a long time but Untamed touch my heart so much,the music keep popping in my head can’t describe by the words I really love it,the main actors omg ??? them they did great job.

    December 11, 2019
  • Like the untamed is just the definition of a real and dope movie I just love the acting, weldone d cast and director….u guys really touched a soul

    April 23, 2020
  • I came to this drama by chance….i am blessed!!!! Like the rest if you, i am hooked. 50 episodes later…I am still affected when litening to the soundtrack especially Lament in the Night / Night Run. I’m watching again….the present episode -episode 1 to 3 and from mid episode 33 – I still couldn’t bear to watch the flashbacks..the pain Wei Wuxian went through, the struggle , the fear and the love that made him gave his golden core to Jiang Cheng and to have kept this all to himself, the sadness when Wen Qing and the rest if her families fled to the Burial Moulds led by Wuxian, everything else that led to the battle at Nevernight and finally when he let himself fall off the cliff, as if so..I couldn’t find the right word…and the desperation and horrifying look on Lan Zhan’s face as Wuxian fell……I just couldn’t go through that……again…yet.. and so I chose to watch the present. Would it be shameful or crazy if I were to say, after watching The Untamed, that I want to be someone better?

    November 9, 2020
  • What episode was when they said to each other Wang ji and wuxian that hes his soulmate and wang ji said i still am.

    November 16, 2020
  • “I used to think of you as my soulmate.”
    “I still am.”
    Has the same energy as the Han Solo
    “I love you.”
    “I know.”
    I don’t exactly know why I thought of that, but I just did.

    January 12, 2021

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