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Winter warmer: Jamie and Claire’s sexiest scenes in ‘Outlander’

Likely the sexiest show on television, Starz’s Outlander proves to be expertly catered to our innermost feminine wiles. From the moment Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) kick the demure act and go at it like a couple of ravenous beasts, we are totally here for Jamie to light a little fire on those long, cold Scottish winter nights. 

Outlander succeeds in creating an electric atmosphere in which women are in control of their sex lives. It’s a show that gives women the freedom to steer their sexual encounters, rather than simply to exist to fulfill the desires of men. Rare indeed, but the female task force behind the show’s production and writing is likely the best thing to happen to the series. 

As a result of the women in the writers room and the women on screen dictating their wants, fans of Outlander have been blessed with some incredible sex scenes. Here are our favorites from Claire and Jamie. 

Jamie and Claire’s wedding—S1E7: “The Wedding”

A sweet scene that rings with poignancy, the two enjoy a very drawn out evening of rapturous love. Well, sell sort of. Jamie begins their night with the vaguest conception of sex, but the prolonged encounter was a remarkable way to show Jamie’s sexual growth, and the pair’s relationship blossoming from a marriage of convenience to an enduring romance. 

Jamie and Claire bang outside—S1E8: “Both Sides Now”

Need we explain further? 

Claire and Jamie’s . . . modern . . . marriage—S1E9: “The Reckoning”

Given the propensity for empowerment shown in episode 7, it’s easy to forget that Jamie is still an 18th-century Scotsman, with 18th-century conceptions of how a wife should obey her husband. 

Thinking he must “punish” Claire for putting everyone in danger, he spanks her with his belt. This outlandishness is short-lived, though, as she responds by withholding sex. Later, she has her own victory dance: “If you ever raise a hand to me again, James Fraser,” Claire said while on top of him, “I will cut your heart out and have it for breakfast.” Just, you know, some light S&M. 

NO interruptions—S1E10: “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”

Jamie is giving Claire cunnilingus when someone knocks on the door. What we expect is for a startled Jamie to immediately stop. However, he ignores the knocking and keeps. going. at. it. 

Jamie gets handsy—S1E11: “The Devil’s Mark”

Claire wastes no time in telling Jamie that she’s a time traveler, and his reaction to the news makes us quite literally gasp for air—he brings Claire to orgasm by using his hands and exclaims, “I want to watch you,” seconds before she climaxes. DAMN. 

Season 5 of Outlander returns February 16, 2020.

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