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Many forget the K-drama 'Boys Over Flowers' wasn't the first time the manga was adapted. Check out the top scenes of the 'Boys Over Flowers' anime.

Love ‘Boys Over Flowers’? Check out these sweet scenes from the anime

Boys Over Flowers took over the K-drama world in 2009, paving the way for another Hallyu wave worldwide. Based on the 90s manga, the show took an honest look at high school life and gave the genre new life. New fans are made every day as Boys Over Flowers has found new life in streaming services. 

Many forget though the Korean drama version of Boys Over Flowers was not the manga’s first television adaptation. The manga got an anime adaptation in 1996, called Hana Yori Dango. Created as the manga was still being written, the show does alter from the manga a bit as it runs out of material. 

While you may not recognize all of the character names, you’ll know immediately who’s who in comparison to Boys Over Flowers, as the personalities remain the same. If you crave more Boys Over Flowers content, let us convince you to check out the anime by watching the cutest scenes from the show. 

F4 & Makino’s first meeting

We know F4, and more specifically Domyoji, don’t start on the right foot with Makino when she transfers to their school. It doesn’t help that Makino spills dirt all over Domyoji’s pants the first time they meet each other. 

But even as Domyoji is angry with Makino for ruining his clothes, Rui comes over and helps Makino clean up her bin with the dirt and sends her on her merry way. It’s no surprise Makino starts crushing on Rui after this, as he was the only one to show her any kindness after this incident. 

Domyoji says only he can bully Makino

In episode three, Makino is getting picked on by some of the girls for having feelings for Rui. They show her further that he’s crushing on someone else, by showing Makino a photo of the girl Rui is actually in love with. But Domyoji catches wind of what’s going down. 

Calling out the girls for their behavior, Domyoji says only he can bully Makino, no one else. It’s one of the earliest moments in the anime where you can see how protective Domyoji is of Makino, and it warms your heart to watch. 

Makino’s Cinderella dream

Talk about a tear-jerking scene. Makino has a lot of trouble adjusting to the new school, as she is definitely on a different monetary level compared to her classmates. Then, she shows up to the school dance looking like a literal princess. Heads are turning left and right to look at her amazing glow up.

Makino is basically seen as queen of the school in this moment, but she isn’t 100% complete. Staring out the window, she dreams of dancing with Rui and living her best life. Then she wakes up. If you don’t at least get a little bit teary-eyed watching this, we’re judging you. 

Domyoji & Makino (almost) confess their feelings

Domyoji falls hard for Makino (spoiler alert!), so it’s funny to see him go from picking on her to trying to woo her. While he was interested in her, Domyoji didn’t want her to be seen in high society, and just wanted to take her out for tea instead of some big fancy dinner. 

The two end up stuck in an elevator on the way for tea, so they get to know each other to kill time. Becoming closer, the two almost share a kiss, implying the two could finally be a couple. Little does Makino know though, that’s exactly what Domyoji wants. 

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