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Want to find the best spots in Jamaica? Don’t worry – we got you covered! Here’s everything to do when you travel to Jamaica.

Feel the pulse of life: Everything to do when you travel to Jamaica

In our world filled with rapid changes and unprecedented challenges, some places have the privilege of being called paradise. Jamaica is one of those places, as some of its distinctive features secure a spot on that list.

A luscious rainforest, gorgeous beaches, and a unique culture make Jamaica a kaleidoscope of colors, sights, and sounds. In fact, the island nation is rightfully called “the jewel of the Caribbean” for all of its beauties.

And you can fully enjoy those beauties when you travel to Jamaica. But, you may be asking: what’s interesting for me to do while there? I’m overwhelmed with all those things! Don’t worry – we got you covered! Here’s everything to do when you travel to Jamaica.

Kingston: Land of Reggae

There’s nowhere better to start your trip in Jamaica than its capital city, Kingston. It’s not only the nation’s largest city – it’s also the cultural capital of the island. This is where Jamaica’s most characteristic musical rhythms planted their roots.

Kingston saw the birth of reggae, maybe the most Jamaican of all music styles, having Bob Marley as the ambassador of the rhythm to the world. The house he lived in most of his life has turned into The Bob Marley Museum, where you can have a chance to experience the place where he recorded his most famous songs.

But, there’s more to do in Kingston than celebrating the king of reggae. The downtown deserves a visit, as well as the National Gallery of Jamaica, and the streets with their murals. There’s also the Hope Botanical Gardens and the beautiful beaches of Lime Cay.

Montego Bay: Resort town with nature

After Kingston, Montego Bay is the place that comes to mind when someone talks about Jamaica. And they’re not wrong citing this resort city.

Above all, this is the place in Jamaica where sea, nature, and history blend together in an idyllic scenery that should be part of your travel plans. Start with nature, where there are several options for eco-tourism like Cockpit Country Adventure Tours, where you can journey through the region’s caverns.

You can also travel through the Martha Brae river on a bamboo raft, with lots of greenery around it. But, if beach is what you’re looking for, “Mobay” offers many, as well as on its neighbors Ocho Rios and Negril, all making the area one of the most gorgeous in the island.

If you enjoy history, Montego Bay delivers you Sam Sharpe Square, a place in downtown full of historical monuments and the Cultural Center. There’s also the Hip Strip, where you can find Usain Bolt’s sports bar and lots of shops & restaurants.

Ocho Rios and Negril: Casual & charming

In addition to the two previous places, Jamaica also has two beach towns that are definitely worthy of your visit: Ocho Rios and Negril. Each one has unique things to see & do.

The first is a place with wild nature and a charming vibe, all topped with tons of shopping & dining options. If nature is your jam, a visit to the Dunn’s River Falls is sure a must do, as its falls will sweep you up.

The trip continues to the Mystic Mountain Rainforest and the Port Maria historic site, where the Spanish settled in 1759. You can also visit the Goldeneye estate, where the 1995 James Bond movie was shot.

While Ocho Rios is more wild & charming, Negril is more laid back. With stunning beaches, the resort town brings in the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing day by the shore or the pool. Attractions include Mayfield Falls and historical sites that were once occupied by pirates and sugar cane workers.

Jamaica is a unique & magical place that you should definitely include in your travel plans. It’s worth every penny! 

Have you ever been to Jamaica? What are your memories? Let us know in the comments.

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