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As soon as travel restrictions are eased up, these are some of the loveliest cities anyone would want to see in Italy.

Want to quench your wanderlust thirst? Travel to these cities in Italy

The number of Italian cities worth visiting is mind-boggling. There are so many drop-dead gorgeous places to travel to in Italy that the list goes on & on. Individuals who are accustomed to spending their time traveling haven’t been able to travel as much lately because of the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as travel restrictions are eased up, these are some of the loveliest cities anyone would want to see in Italy. 


Rome is an obvious choice since it is one of the most popular cities in Italy. Most students study the history of Rome in classrooms growing up which makes it so much more interesting! The fascinating ancient historical sites to see in Rome create the mindset of it being a worthwhile vacation destination. 

There are so many activities to keep up with in terms of local markets, restaurants, events, and more. The most important landmarks to visit in Rome would have to be the Colosseum, the Piazza Navona, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the Vatican with Saint Peter’s Basilica & Sistine Chapel.


Another beautiful city in Italy that should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list would have to be Florence. It’s surrounded by gorgeous Tuscan countryside near the edge of the Arno River. Florence is revered for being the cradle of the Renaissance, and some of the most beautiful & famous masterpieces painted by Michelangelo & Leonardo da Vinci were painted there. 

Florence is known to host a wide variety of exciting festivals throughout the year focused on delicious food & wine. The art galleries are a must-see in an Italian city like Florence.


Missing out on a city like Venice in Italy would be an utter mistake. There is something so unique & special about this beautiful city made up of 118 small islands. Getting around in Venice requires quite a bit of boat travel but it is fully worthwhile. 

Checking out the Grand Canal as well as St. Mark’s Square are both so important while spending time in a city like Venice. This is one of those cities in Italy that is wonderful to experience whether it is daytime or night time.


One of the wealthiest cities in Italy would have to be Milan. It is revered for being a fashion capital filled with every ounce of art, history, architecture, and shopping that the typical tourist could ever need. 

Milan is a very big city so getting around on foot might not be ideal for people who are traveling and want to see as much of the city as possible. Using public transportation is a great option since it isn’t too expensive and watching the sunset in Milan is a beautiful sight.


Out of all the cities in Italy to visit, Naples is another fascinating one that has an extremely rich history of culture & art. One of the most interesting things about this city is that it is very close to the Vesuvius Volcano which is a great backdrop for stunning photographs. 

The beautiful coastline is undeniably pretty. This is a city in Italy that curious tourists should set aside at least two or three days to explore. There is too much to see in Naples for a one day excursion.


Anyone familiar with William Shakespeare and his prolific plays most likely knows all about the city of Verona in Italy. Verona is the backdrop to one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays in history . . . Romeo & Juliet

For that reason alone, this is considered one of the most romantic cities in Italy. It appears to be slightly medieval which adds to the true authenticity. The Roman amphitheater that was built in the first century is a must-see Destination while visiting Verona since generations of audiences sat in those exact theater seats.

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