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YouTube is a difficult market. Here are some tips on video tactics on how to gain subscribers.

3 new YouTube video tactics that can increase subscribers in 2021

YouTube is booming like never before with creators uploading 500 hours of video every minute. Clearly, YouTube creators are thriving and the best time to jump is right now. 

So, if you’re just getting started, how can you grow your subscribers on YouTube? What kind of video content works the best? How to get on the coveted trending page? Let’s find out. 

3 new YouTube tactics you need to know

Micro content through YouTube shorts

YouTube has just introduced YouTube Shorts, joining the bandwagon of a competitive short-form video app market. YouTube Shorts allows creators to upload videos of up to 60 seconds. For creators, short videos are easier to produce, shoot, and execute and this means they can increase their view-time and ROI. 

Right now, YouTube Shorts feel very authentic. They are shot as a handheld piece-to-camera and that makes them more intimate and relatable. In fact, longer videos or archived videos can be repurposed and used as shorter snippets using a video editor and this can magnify your reach. 

As the length of the video is shorter you try to communicate more with the time restriction in place. It’s important that the message of the video is clear and to the point though. There’s no space for anything boring here as viewers are likely to click away.  

Since YouTube Shorts can be segmented and targeted easily, we call that it’ll be an important part of video marketing in 2021. And, speaking of the future, mobile viewers have surpassed desktop viewers and vertical videos have gotten way popular already. So, jump onto the Micro-content trend, increase your reach and increase your subscribers as you go.

YouTube lives and live interaction

Live interaction on YouTube gets you the most subscribers fast for two reasons. Firstly, the YouTube algorithm loves and boosts Live videos and secondly, Live videos can help you engage with your audience (subscribers or just passing by) in real-time. This gets your engagement soaring and the audience gets instant gratification from your responses, and is more likely to hit the Subscribe button.

Creators like PewDiePie and other most widely popular YouTubers make great use of the Live feature using it to stream their gameplay, host a live Q&A session, unbox new products, and more. Audiences look forward to interacting and engaging with the creators with curiosity and love, this builds a sense of a strong community as they feel more connected and included. 

Right now, the most common practice is to go Live while gaming. Going live also works great for unveiling announcements, tutorials, interactive/sports events, and podcasts. YouTube Live Videos can also be repurposed for micro-content as well as short length videos or video montages for highlights of a long video using a montage maker. 

You can also choose to “premiere” your Live videos and create hype on social media so that your subscribers can set notifications ahead of the premiere. Before going Live, make sure you use YouTube Analytics to understand your audience in-depth so that you know how to communicate with them once you can in real-time. 

Immersive VR videos on YouTube

The demand for 360° videos and VR content is rising as the majority of the viewers are working from home and are missing being out there in the real world. 

Now, don’t think immersive videos are for you? Think again as the opportunities for creativity here are limitless! These work best with travel videos, vlogs, adventure sports, or POV videos. Imagine sitting in the comfort of your living room and enjoying a roller coaster ride!

Having said that, it does need a little extra bit of investment to get started. Cameras like Inshot 360, GoPro Hero Max and other drones like DJI Mavic pro that have started emerging to meet this increased demand. 

3 timeless YouTube strategies you shouldn’t forget 

Additionally, If you want to grow on YouTube, we recommend these 3 Pillars of YouTube in mind:

  • Creativity 
  • Consistency
  • Community


No matter what topics you pick for your channel. your content execution really matters! Having a good YouTube intro is a big plus point, and we suggest using a quality YouTube intro maker. You can choose to add depth by playing around with the timeline, sound, and color of your video. 

Don’t forget to add creative transitions that you can create using an easy video editor. Transitions bring an added layer of creativity to the flow of your video. If your video is appearing to be slow or a bit dull, it can be refined in-browser with Clipchamp. Make sure every project has a script and that you’re clear about why you’re creating that video! It will save you time in the video editing table. 

Bonus Tip: Be creative with your YouTube description and tags and it can help increase your reach too.


YouTube rewards those who are consistent and contribute more regularly. If you’re choosing days to deliver your videos, for example, upload videos on two particular days of the week, then try to maintain them. Not only does this create discipline for you as a creator, it will make the algorithm work for you. 

More consistent uploads means your channel will look fresh and flooded with videos and this will help you gain more subscribers too. 


Above all, community building is the most important pillar of YouTube. Your YouTube subscribers will be there for you during your journey, if you can successfully build a connection. They will help you grow. Make sure to communicate with them in the comments section. Sometimes you can find cool suggestions and video ideas in there, which helps you create what your audience wants to watch!

Use YouTube’s Analytics to understand who your target audience is and curate your content accordingly. You can also publish Community posts on YouTube or a YouTube Story to interact with your subscribers. As mentioned above, you can use the YouTube Live feature to connect more effectively with your community. 

Now that you’ve got these YouTube hacks up your sleeve…

Join 13+million everyday creators that use Clipchamp’s simple but powerful video editor to create awesome, professional-looking videos and get your YouTube subscriber count increasing in no time! 

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