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Liquid Media Group is working to give independent creators power over their content. The media group is redefining the industry for independent creators.

Liquid Media Group Gives Power Back to the Independent Storyteller!

During a time where streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are dominating the film industry, independent creators are struggling to find resources and a voice. Liquid Media Group is working to give independent creators power over their content again. 

Liquid Media Group works with independent producers and others to help finance, package, deliver, and find ways to monetize indie media projects. Based in Vancouver and NASDAQ publicly traded as ‘YVR,’ this group is working to redefine the filmmaking industry for independent creators everywhere.

Liquid Media Group was born when Joshua Jackson, of Dr Death and Little Fires Everywhere, discovered a disconnect between the amount of talent present in the industry and the ownership that talent had over their work. Jackson watched small creators be taken advantage of by giants in the entertainment industry while other creators were passed over entirely. Jackson knew that he wanted to make real change; so, he founded Liquid Media group to give creators control over their content again.

 “We’re empowering you with the opportunity to have some control over your destiny,” sums up Jackson.

Liquid Media Group works in partnership with indie companies to produce and distribute content, including film, TV, and VR. The key to Liquid Media Group’s ability is a network of shared services that gives creators and producers control over their projects beyond just getting them on a screen. That includes elements like analytics and access to pro distribution platforms. This will allow creators to have complete control over their work from beginning to end. 

“We use big data analytics and modelling to figure out how something will perform, whether it will have an audience at the end of the day to make its money back and do it again and again, whether it’s a film or a TV series,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media Group. 

One of the most significant challenges faced by indie media projects and often the point where most projects fail is distribution. Independent creators, in many cases, lack the resources to get their projects distributed to their audiences, compared to large streaming platforms where they immediately have access to diverse audiences across the world. However, Liquid Media Group provides the support system small creators need to get their work out into the world in a meaningful and impactful way.

“We want to take their idea from inception all the way through its life cycle, out into their audience and to give them the tools to find the right audience,” said co-founder Joshua Jackson. 

Liquid Media Group aims to create a smoother path for creators to get their work in front of audiences while maintaining ownership over their content. From the very beginning, Jackson felt strongly that creators should not have to sacrifice control over their content in order to show the world their masterpiece. Jackson knew there had to be a better way; but, when he could not find one, he simply made one instead. 

“I’ve seen the variety of different ways in which the system doesn’t encourage or reward the people doing the hard work,” Joshua Jackson adds. “(For a distributor) you’re just another piece of product that they’re putting out there in the world.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global media, arts, and entertainment industries have seen a drastic increase in demand. During this time of immense change and growth, the voice of the content creator can get lost or controlled by a larger company. Liquid Media wants to ensure that control stays with the independent creators.

 “We are a family of companies that have been brought together to empower independent storytellers, whether they be in film or television, to drive their own success. ,” explained Jackson. Thomson added, “We look to build relationships that extend beyond a single project, by delivering the services and support that drive scaleable results.”

Liquid Media Group is creating independence for independents.

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