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Joshua Jackson's Liquid Media Group has just announced the Projektor Platform to get aspiring independent filmmakers on their feet. Here's all we know!

Liquid Media Group Launches Projektor, a Platform to Elevate Independent Filmmakers

Liquid Media Group (“Liquid”) is proud to announce Projektor, a new filmmaker-first marketplace for creators and producers. Projektor connects independent producers to audiences and promises an unparalleled broad outreach for their projects. 

The platform includes various features to enhance the experience for audiences and filmmakers alike, including Projektor LIVE and Festivals, which allow audiences to live chat with directors and cast of the film they are enjoying, and bring together both sides to share insights and reactions. Projektor VR allows audiences to explore the future of cinema through an immersive viewing experience. 

“Projektor’s mission is to serve the ‘now and next’ needs, aka the current and future of the industry,” said Liquid Chairman, Joshua Jackson. “Independent filmmakers globally need better terms, higher transparency and more optionality when it comes to distributing their content to compete as equals in both streaming and alternative distribution.”

Creators who utilize Projektor will be able to share their stories with a broader audience, all while maintaining the intellectual property of their work, and getting paid directly by their audience. They can always make the right choice for their projects, whether that be through offering integrated payouts, buy and rent options, or bundles and promo codes. 

On top of this, Projektor offers a wide range of features to fit each film’s unique needs including closed captioning, HD streaming and downloads, page customization, fill credits, and SRT files. Creators can reach audiences around the globe through various features such as geoblocking and unique screening rooms. 

Projektor launched with libraries from Reelhouse and Slipstream, with over 250,000 users and a curated selection of 680 films, including a collection from the library of Ananda Media, an international distributor with over 100 titles on Projektor. 

“Projektor is, above all, more user-friendly than other platforms. It is beyond simple to set up our catalog in order to offer content to new audiences with a strong filmmaker perspective,” said Pascoe de Glanville, CEO of Ananda Media.  

Projektor is more transparent than other platforms in offering a full analytical toolset to track customer engagement and behavior. This toolset will allow users to track clicks and purchases, ensuring that creators can understand completely how their work is being received by those on the platform.

Projektor will launch as a B2B (Business-to-Business) marketplace, ensuring distribution partnerships with a combined reach of over one billion households worldwide including Insight TV and dotstudioPRO among others. It also offers more places for creators to broadcast and monetize their content, including other platforms such as PlutoTv, Primevideo, and Roku.

Additionally, last month Liquid has also announced its strategic partnership with Vuulr, the global B2B digital content marketplace for the acquisition and distribution of film and TV rights. This partnership with Vuulr is the first to leverage Liquid’s full-service offering, which integrates the company’s portfolio companies and partners through their network of services.

Liquid Chairman Joshua Jackon explains the news of the partnership “With Liquid set to provide significant services to Vuulr via our entire family of companies, the deal represents significant revenue streams across all phases of our business.”

Through their launch of Projektor, Liquid is taking strides to support independent producers and filmmakers and elevate their work to its full potential. As a content marketplace, it will allow these independent producers to get both the outreach and compensation that they truly deserve.

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