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10 Best Ecommerce Help Desk Software to Support Online Shoppers

When your customers shop online with your brand, you can provide them the support and attention they need using the beshelpdesk ticketing software. A help desk software solution consolidates all guidance and assistance requests from several channels into one location, allowing you to monitor client interactions over time. Ecommerce help desk solutions also simplify keeping track of issues that still need to be resolved and problems your clients are experiencing. This ensures you have the highest possibility of keeping happy and satisfied consumers. Here will see the ten best ecommerce help desk software to support online shoppers:

1. Deskxpand

Help desk software like deskxpand makes engaging with and managing customers simply. Live chats and conversational bots are available to assist consumers directly. It is known for being the best help desk for startups, but it also provides service packages up to the enterprise level. The deskxpand supports the following languages in addition to English German, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

2. HappyFox

A help desk software called HappyFox combines client queries from email, the web, the phone, and social media. It interfaces with various business applications for accounting, customer feedback, customer relationship management (CRM), and commerce.

Additionally, it offers iOS and Android mobile software that enables business owners and their customer service teams to deliver customer help via smartphones and tablets. HappyFox supports more than 20 additional languages in addition to English.

3. Gorgias

Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce-specific software called Gorgias is an all-in-one e-commerce support desk. You can handle your inquiries and responses precisely and efficiently because it consolidates all communication across all platforms and channels into one location.  

It provides features that simplify communication and speed up customer care so you can concentrate on delivering high-quality help. To reduce response times, the features include automation and templates. Additionally, it provides facilities for managing subscriptions, loyalty, and live chat. It maintains customer histories, enabling you to deliver individualized customer service and foster enduring relationships.   

4. LiveChat

LiveChat is a high-end help desk software that assists eCommerce business owners in adding live chat capabilities to their websites. It enables you to contact your clients via various channels and manage every interaction from a single location.

Multiple customized chat widgets on other websites can connect to the same LiveChat account. Due to a higher response rate, this makes things simple for you to monitor and also boosts consumer engagement.

5. Freshdesk

An award-winning cloud-based help desk solution called Freshdesk was created to support your CRM. It is software with several functions, including automated ticketing, quick and effective ticketing, an information center, and a social and community center.

For agents, it offers a ticketing management system and communication tools that increase efficiency and let you concentrate your energy on giving excellent customer service. With the help of Freshdesk, you can handle all of your customer inquiries from a single location. It links with various channels and platforms to gather all the information you require. This lets you reply as soon and effectively as possible, increasing sales and keeping your consumers pleased.

6. Zendesk

One of the most well-known help desk software options is Zendesk. They provide services to various firms, including small, medium-sized, and international ones. You can add multiple features to their packages as you see fit because they are fully customizable.

Zendesk was created with various uses in mind and effectively supported the e-commerce industry and other industries. With ecommerce customer support software, you can provide outstanding customer service from anywhere while helping your clients and saving time with processes and automation.  

7. Zoho Desk

A vital piece of e-commerce help desk software, Zoho Desk features sophisticated process automation capabilities. There are numerous ways to address e-commerce inquiries and grievances, including live chat, email, web forms, etc. 

Zoho Desk has your back when clients voice their complaints on social media platforms. The program automatically turns social media posts on Facebook and Twitter into tickets so that customer service representatives may begin working on them as soon as possible. 

8. Kayako

You can deliver excellent customer assistance using the e-commerce help desk software from Kayako. Your incoming questions from various channels are compiled in a common inbox. Additionally, if you require live chat software, it enables simple integration.

Kayako is perfect for stores with international consumers because it offers top customer service software in various languages. You can further personalize your customer assistance due to the configurable nature of tickets and discussions.

9. LiveAgent

The most excellent e-commerce help desk application for small enterprises is LiveAgent. To assist your customer support team in delighting customers, the eCommerce helpdesk combines the power of ticketing, live chat, and automation tools. 

Customer service managers can use a variety of automation rules to reduce human error and boost team output. For instance, you can add tags to tickets and automatically route them to the appropriate team members or departments.

  1. ProProfs Help Desk

The best free eCommerce help desk software, ProProfs Help Desk, can help you engage with customers and increase eCommerce sales. You can exchange proactive conversation invitations with them using the live chat tool based on how long a visitor has been on your site. 

To lower ticket volume, you can develop a specialized knowledge library with FAQs on return and refund policies, various payment methods, ongoing promotions, and more. Even more potent chatbots can be created to handle common consumer inquiries.

Final Thoughts

With the help of this software, online businesses may centrally organize and track customer assistance requests and concerns quickly. So, the above listed are the top ten best ecommerce ticketing system to support online shoppers you can consider. 

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