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Joshua Jackson's Liquid Media Group has just announced the Projektor Platform to get aspiring independent filmmakers on their feet. Here's all we know!

The new year has only just begun and Liquid Media Group is set to officially welcome Digital Cinema United. Here's what you need to know.

The blockchain-based streaming platform iNDIEFLIX is preparing to debut the documentary 'Angst.' Get in on the ground floor of this new project.

Liquid Media Group, a business solutions company empowering independent producers and creators, is about to acquire iGEMStv. Here's why.

Liquid Media Group is working to give independent creators power over their content. The media group is redefining the industry for independent creators.

As the Toronto International Film Festival winds down, Joshua Jackson and Liquid Media group continue to be the talk of the town. Find out the real reason.

Arts Alliance Media will partner with Digital Cinema United to bring new technology to its users. See their innovative plan for theater technology here.

As pandemic restrictions lift, the film industry is crafting new ways for filmmakers and movie lovers to watch new, independent flicks. Don't miss this event!

Liquid Media Group is acquiring two indie film streaming services: Filmocracy and iGEMStv. Dive deeper into the merger and what it means for you here.