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As the Toronto International Film Festival winds down, Joshua Jackson and Liquid Media group continue to be the talk of the town. Find out the real reason.

Joshua Jackson’s Liquid Media Group Makes a “Big Splash” at TIFF

As the beloved Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) comes to a close, its most exclusive and desirable parties continue to be the talk of the town. Welcoming celebrities, top industry executives, influential media, and other glamorous guests for a night of extraordinary entertainment and fabulous fun, the festival allowed for the perfect balance of creativity, glitz and glamour. 

One of the most memorable occasions was hosted by Liquid Media Group. The company established a three-day, all-inclusive Liquid Lounge and topped it off with a luxurious red carpet event, “The Big Splash.”

Taking place at the world-renowned Windsor Arms Hotel, the Liquid Lounge was a wildly popular destination for entertainment industry influencers, movers and shakers. Guests dropped by to enjoy complimentary refreshments, take in the daily programming, and strike up meaningful conversations in an Edenic setting. 

The producers and content creators that Liquid supports through its business solutions platform were particularly impressed, feeling enthusiastically championed by the company’s commitment to create independence for independents. 

“Liquid Media Group is a family of companies that have been brought together to empower independent storytellers, whether they be in film, television, it doesn’t really matter,” said Chairman Joshua Jackson. “To take their idea from inception all the way through its life cycle, out into their audience and to give them the tools to find the right audience.”

By day, Liquid Media Group has been shining the spotlight and sharing its expertise on important issues for independent producers through an exclusive series of TIFF panel discussions. Jackson (“Dr. Death,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” “The Affair”) and CEO Ronald Thomson were among the speakers on topics ranging from streaming in the new world and financing for independents, to harnessing the power of media for social good.

“When we were thinking about how we would like to introduce ourselves to the world, TIFF, us being a Canadian company, is a perfect representation of: it’s a Canadian festival, it supports independent films and independent producers, and it plants a flag for the Canadian industry in the global entertainment world. And we thought, how perfect, because that’s exactly what we want to do, too! So why not come to TIFF?”

As the company’s extravagant event unravelled, guests gathered in the courtyard ballroom, one of the hotel’s most elegant spaces. With a gorgeous chandelier and accented ceilings, the space glistened as the wonderfully dressed attendees filled the room.

Renowned DJ Samantha Michelle’s music enveloped the night as invitees were safely engaging with one another, taking pictures in the photo-booth, and enjoying their drink of choice at the grand bar. 

Gift bags for Liquid’s gala guests included House of Waris Elephant Friendly Black Tea, Massawippi Mercantile Granola, Maax Gum, David and Young Scarves, and a gift certificate from The Sailing Collective.

Also included in the gift bags were several digital presents from the Liquid Media Group family of companies. Filmocracy and Indieflix provided guests with one month complimentary access to their full expanse of virtual festivals. Slipstream granted the guests 45 days free access to their movies. 

iGems gave lucky attendees both a discount on their renowned Tv Film Festival mastery course as well as one month complimentary platinum membership. 

The lively Liquid Lounge was a splendid and sensational hit. Liquid Media Group’s creative approach embodies disruptive innovation and is shaping up to be a massive game-changer for creators of all sizes and across genres. 

Liquid Media Group offers an ideal alternative to the options available until now, to help create and deliver films, TV series and other IP to the world in a lucrative and sustainable way. They also know how to throw a great party.

“Everybody who works at the company works so hard,” Jackson said. “This has been not just my labor of love, this has been a passion of every single person who works here because we are a small company, have been a small company, we brought in a whole raft of new people who believe in the dream, and this is our moment to celebrate before we get into the fun stuff which comes next!”

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