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Liquid Media Group is acquiring two indie film streaming services: Filmocracy and iGEMStv. Dive deeper into the merger and what it means for you here.

Liquid Media Group Has Agreed to Acquire Filmocracy and iGEMStv

Liquid Media Group Ltd is finalizing acquisitions of both Filmocracy and iGEMStv as part of its growing network, pending final due diligence. 

Liquid Media Group is a business solutions company for the entertainment world, and its network of partners and acquisitions is quickly becoming an accessible one-stop destination for creatives and IP owners to take an idea, bring it to life, and then ensure its delivery to the biggest possible audience, with the most comprehensive monetization. 

“The entertainment landscape has been changing at a rapid pace over the last decade,” added Liquid CEO Ron Thomson, “Liquid’s 4-stage solution engine was developed to solve for the vast majority of storyteller’s needs, and empower sustainable success. With the addition of Filmocracy and iGEMS, we further enhance our full lifecycle solutions.”

Filmocracy is a game-changer for filmmakers and film festivals; with free registration users can enjoy thousands of curated independent films while also earning rewards for watching and rating them. Festival premium subscribers can access film festivals from all around the world from the comfort of their home or the ease of their handheld devices. Through Filmocracy, members also gain early access to festival films and immersive events like panels, Q&A’s, and both virtual and in-person parties.

Says Paul Jun, the Co-Founder of Filmocracy, “We all know the biggest festival players, but much like what Filmocracy does for independent filmmakers we are now providing a global platform for unique and exciting film festivals that specialize in curating incredible content that focus on mission, underrepresented groups, and discovery.”

iGEMS is a recommendation platform that helps viewers discover what to watch and where to watch it, with a unique combination of human curation, fan sharing and machine learning. Film fans that subscribe to the iGEMStv platform will not only get recommendations from the entire universe of film and tv available but will also be able to gain genuine recommendations from other users while giving their honest feedback to others.   

Says Jon Fitzgerald, the Founder of iGEMStv, “iGEMS and Filmocracy bring a full range of unique products and services to film fans all over the world while providing distinct industry solutions to filmmakers, film festivals, and industry professionals.  We look forward to working with Ron and Liquid Media to contribute to their exceptional industry offerings.”

Liquid Media Group CEO Ron Thomson and the board of directors, led by Chairman Joshua Jackson (Dr. Death, The Affair), were unanimous in their delight over the prospective acquisition of both companies. It is an exciting step which they said will further their aims to become the most progressive and comprehensive company in the entertainment industry.

Jackson states, “Jon and Paul bring invaluable experience and perspective to bear,” adding “we welcome these new additions to the Liquid company family, and look forward to working with leadership as we continue to grow our toolset for storytellers.”

Simultaneously iGEMStv is celebrating the launch of iGEMSpro, a solution for industry professionals with educational resources, courses, industry reports, and aggregated news, video, and podcast content. ‘The Film Festival Mastery course,’ for example, has become an industry leader, helping filmmakers navigate the film festival circuit, whereas ‘The Mine’ provides an ongoing blog report, taking a deeper dive into the independent film sector.

Director’s Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers: Endgame), said of iGEMS founder Fitzgerald, “Jon supported our first feature, inviting it to play both Slamdance and AFI Fest. From there, always a thoughtful and creative champion of independent, undiscovered talent, he made introductions that helped launch our career. Jon is a visionary, and really connects with filmmakers.  He continues to be a guiding force for emerging filmmakers, dedicated to supporting the art form and all of its possibilities. ” Joe and Anthony Russo (Avengers:  Endgame)

The acquisitions come at an exciting time for all companies as Filmocracy gets ready for its Filmocracy Summit “FestDANCE,” which will be held August 4th & 5th, 2021. The FestDance Summit is a two-day hybrid event that brings together filmmakers, film festivals, and film fans from around the world together. It’s the first of its kind fusion event where physical and virtual audiences can together explore the world of film from an industry and experience perspective, with panels, workshops, and screenings as well as unveilings of new technologies and a celebration of the new digital era of cinema.

About Filmocracy

Filmdab, Inc. (dba Filmocracy) is a film and festival streaming platform that rewards users for discovering amazing independent films. Users earn virtual popcorn for watching and rating movies, which can be spent in the shop to earn movie tickets, redeem gift cards, or attend virtual film festivals from around the world. Filmocracy aims to build a true middle class of filmmakers who will thrive in the new era of premium content creation.

Additional information is available at

About iGEMStv

With the growing volume of Movie and TV Series options, and the explosion of digital streaming platforms, iGEMStv has created the most comprehensive recommendation engine on the market.  Human curation, word of mouth and machine learning combine to help audiences discover what to watch, and where they can find it.  They put out a weekly newsletter with iGEMSelections, sent to over 5,000 subscribers.  iGEMSpro provides resources to the independent film space, aggregating news articles, podcasts and videos, while providing reports, affiliate discounts and online courses to support independent filmmakers.  The iGEMSpro Directory is a sales platform for independent films to generate sales in the international marketplace.

Additional information is available at

About Liquid Media Group Ltd.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: YVR) is a business-solutions company empowering independent IP creators. Liquid’s end-to-end solution will enable professional video (film/TV and video game) creation, packaging, financing, delivery, and monetization, empowering IP creators to take their professional content from inception through the entire process to monetization. The new Liquid Media Token Strategy will empower its users to capitalize and monetize all four pillars of IP: Creation, Use/Subscription, Financing, and Licensing/Protection.

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