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The only thing harder than making an indie film is getting it sponsored. Get into the funding process of your next big project!

Need to upgrade your tripod from entry level to pro? As you grow into your filmmaking strengths, we have found the perfect fluid tripod head for you

Liquid Media Group is acquiring two indie film streaming services: Filmocracy and iGEMStv. Dive deeper into the merger and what it means for you here.

Have you met the world's next best filmmaker? Ethan Paisley is ready to open our eyes and hearts with his film 'Gone Missing'. Here's how.

Check out the indie short film 'Fear Actually' from director Sassy Mohen and learn how some horror movie icons cope with reality.

Guess who's back and better than ever? Beloved actor Brendan Fraser is ready to capture our hearts in his new film 'The Whale'. Read all the deets here.