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Need to upgrade your tripod from entry level to pro? As you grow into your filmmaking strengths, we have found the perfect fluid tripod head for you.

The Best, Hot-Selling Tripod Fluid Video Heads in 2022

Have you ever had to deal with shaky camera footage? You spend all day on location believing you have the perfect shots only to realize that some of the footage is shaky. The fact that you can relate is the number one reason you need a fluid video head.

Fluid video heads are integral to a fantastic shooting experience. They help stabilize the camera and can be crucial for getting professional-grade videos with your camera accessories. The photography and videography marketplace contains a variety of tripod head designs depending on the application. We simplified this by putting together all you need to consider before buying one.

Different Types and Applications of Tripod Heads

Vide tripod heads are an essential part of a tripod. They determine how smoothly and quietly your camera moves and how much effort it takes to pan and tilt. The right head can make a massive difference in the usability of your tripod and even your final footage. 

The most common tripod heads are the ball head, pan and tilt head, gimbal head, and fluid head:

  • Ball Heads

Ball heads are the most common type of tripod head, consisting of a ball that can rotate within a socket, allowing you to point your camera in any direction. The main advantage of ball heads is their speed and versatility. This is why it is commonly used in landscape and portrait photography.

  • Pan and Tilt (or Panorama) Heads

Pan and tilt heads are designed for large lenses or heavy SLR cameras. These heads have three separate axes with which you can adjust the position of your camera so that it can be pointed in any direction. Pan and tilt heads usually have handles on either side of the locking mechanism so that you can lock them down without having to loosen all three axes at once.

It is perfect for time-lapse photography or panoramic shots because they help mitigate positional errors (parallax), which is a common issue in this type of photography.

  • Gimbal Heads 

Gimbal heads are designed with medium-sized lenses or smaller DSLRs, especially in which weight is not an issue, but precise control over movement is essential. These heads have gears attached to their base, which allow you to make adjustments over a broader range than other types of the head would allow – this means that they’re great for steady vertical shots.

  • Fluid Heads

A fluid video head is a pan and tilt video head that uses the hydraulic damping system for steady shots. The fluid video heads make for smooth transitions between frames and eliminate jerkiness which is often common when shooting dynamic footage. 

How to Choose Different Types of Tripod Heads?

Most professional photographers and videographers would agree that choosing a tripod head goes beyond mere sentiments to the peculiarities of their shooting scenario. That said, there are different factors to consider when choosing a tripod head, such as:

  1. Type of Head

The first thing to decide on is what type of head you want. This decision can’t be made in isolation and often depends on the types of content you make. For example, although fluid heads may be perfect for filmmaking, you will be best served with a ball head if you specialize in portrait photography.

  1. Support Capacity

The next step is figuring out how much weight the tripod head can support safely. Most tripods will only support 5 pounds or less (2 kg), but some options can handle up to 8 pounds (3.5 kg). Know the weight of your equipment and choose accordingly.

  1. Action Level

The action level refers to how smooth an adjustment feels as it’s made – for example, how easily can I make minor adjustments? A higher action level means smoother adjustment; lower action levels feel more like turning a knob on an old-fashioned camera lens than adjusting an actual camera setting via dials or buttons.

The Best Fluid Head for Tripods Under $100 in 2022

The best fluid head is one with the perfect blend of drag control, tension control, and weight distribution, which still delivers sufficient counterbalance to its payload. 

SmallRig 3457 Fluid Video Head is the best option for those who are looking to satisfy these requirements at a budget-friendly price. This tripod head can help creators get the most out of their production. It’s one of our favorite options on the market.

The SmallRig 3457 is a small, lightweight fluid video head designed to work with tripods ranging from 0.8 pounds to 10 pounds, making it perfect for any DSLR or mirrorless camera system, GoPro cameras.

It is made from aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, which is durable while still being lightweight enough for extended shooting sessions. In addition, it can quickly mount onto tripods with its 3/8 screw and has a 360° panoramic panning design.

The SmallRig 3457 features an alley wrench and quick release plates, plus it is compatible with Acra-swiss QR systems, making it perfect for different shooting scenarios. Photographers and videographers can gain more value from the SmallRig 3457 fluid video head by combining it with the Universal Quick Release Adapter BSS2714 and the SmallRig VCT-14 Quick Release Tripod Plate 2169. Combining these accessories together with others from SmallRig’s product lineup improves your productivity and the quality of your final footage.


Choosing the best fluid video head in 2022 transcends selecting the most expensive product. Rather, creators should focus on the product that fulfills their peculiar needs, and this is where SmallRig and its product lineup come into the fray!

SmallRig is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of camera accessories. They provide a wide selection of products that have been designed to fit DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders. They offer products like DSLR accessories, fluid video heads, handles, rig components, grips, cages, and more. Their goal is to help you get the most out of your gear by providing quality products that are compatible with your gear. You can get the best of cinematic quality tools when you shop from SmallRig.

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