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Liquid Media Group, a business solutions company empowering independent producers and creators, is about to acquire iGEMStv. Here's why.

Liquid Media Group to Bolster its Entertainment Business Through Acquisition of iGEMStv

For consumers, “what should we watch tonight” is an age-old question. With the ever increasing integration of economies and cultures worldwide, more and more content is being produced & published every day. This increasing volume of content has certainly raised the problem of plenty wherein making choices has become difficult. There is just so much content to choose from, so how do today’s audiences find the next great movie, TV series or TV show?

The solution to this dilemma is the iGEMStv. It is the most comprehensive content recommendation engine on the market. It combines machine learning and human curation to help viewers discover new programming they may not know about. Also, it helps them in finding recommendations from people with similar tastes. Moreover, it provides reviews about the film, series or show you’ve been hearing all about but haven’t watched yet. It provides an informed and holistic viewer experience, and is certainly a blessing in today’s world. 

Interestingly, this is the type of service that independent producers and content creators want to tap. The primary reason behind the preference for these services is that it would help them in monetizing their projects. This is why Liquid Media Group, a business solutions company empowering independent producers and creators, is about to acquire iGEMStv. The acquisition is in the final stages of its conformity. Once the pending compliances and regulations are met, it is going to open the doors for a massive collaboration. 

The Liquid Media Group is led by a powerful duo – Chairman (and Hollywood actor) Joshua Jackson and CEO Ron Thomson. They realize that iGEMStv holds the potential to take the content from the stage of inception to that of monetization. Thus, adding iGEMStv to Liquid’s already powerful four-phase business engine is certainly another important step for the company.  

“iGEMStv is an important tool for discoverability, curation, recommendation and monetization,” says Thomson. “We believe this latest addition will play a vital role in helping independent intellectual property owners attract new audiences. It will also increase the market share for their creative works. We are also excited to welcome the brilliant iGEMStv talent to our growing team.” 

iGEMStv’s unique blend of machine learning and human curation helps audiences discover what to watch and where to find it.. This includes traditional genres, trending carousels and recommendations for programming not found in the massive libraries of the larger streaming platforms. Movie and TV collections are also curated by a trusted guide, especially for iGEMStv users. They recommend gems on Filmocracy (another company Liquid has announced its intent to acquire) and titles playing exclusively on niche platforms, including projects on the film festival circuit.

“Ron and the Liquid team are building an innovative studio of the future, with the right combination of tools, assets, and platforms to have a powerful impact on this industry,” said Jon Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of iGEMS. “As the independent film landscape continues to evolve, we’re excited for iGEMS to join the Liquid family and to be part of the business solution.” 

As Liquid prepares to close this important acquisition of iGEMStv, opportunities for independent producers and creators are becoming bigger and brighter. Liquid is there for every step of the journey as an expert and trusted advisor for creative professionals working outside of the traditional studio space. They help them in bringing their dreams to life as they look to build lasting, meaningful careers. Certainly, adding iGEMStv is going to be a great asset and value addition for the Liquid group of companies. 

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