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'On a List' takes stereotypical romcom tropes and reinvents them into a moving and personal web series. Here's why you need to binge it now.

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In the world of short film 'Love is Just a Death Away', true love can never fade. Here's why you want to go on this romantic, yet gruesome

Continue racist typecasting, or stand up and lose the part? Explore the toxic dilemma POC face in the short film 'Play it Safe'.

Benji Merrison has composed numerous projects and even scored an Emmy nomination. Read our interview with the composer on his latest project.

'Learning Tagalog with Kayla' looks like any old language tutorial, but the four minute short film will take you on a journey. Here's why you need to watch.

Film festivals are in abundance, but you need to find the best one for you. Here's why the prestigious UNOFEX Swiss Film Awards should be on your list.

While the title may sound like a joke, 'Fake' is anything but. Check out why this indie film is making waves and worth your time.