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As you try to find an audience to hear you script pitch, The International Screenwriting Toronto Metropolitan Competition is here for you.

Zenith Ander has been making waves in Hollywood, and her latest web series 'Roommates' proves she's got the talent to make far.

A.R. Hilton may have spent time behind bars, but that didn't stop him from becoming a film director. His first feature 'Anonymous Killers' is finally here.

The Creative Coalition is offering their annual Spotlight Initiative Filmmaking Grant for those who are willing to change the world through film.

Chyna Robinson is no stranger to telling a good story, as she continues to prove with her latest film, 'No Ordinary Love.'

Sydney Scotia made the jump from actor to film director with her new project 'This Hits Home', and it's clear she's got a bright future in filmmaking ahead.

Julie Pacino has been a short filmmaker for years, and 'Nowhere to Go' is just the latest in the line of her brilliant works.

'Rootless' is the latest short film from director Zhojian Cong, and takes a look at the dark underground world of crime, but has an even darker message.

Michelle Rose's new song and music video "You're the Kinda Guy" marks the first collab between Rose and Joshua McGrane, and it's genius.