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The latest season of the Montreal Independent Film Festival has concluded. See the full list of winners moving on to the annual competition.

The winners of this month's Venice Shorts competition have finally been revealed. Take a peek at the top talent in the competition.

From director/producer Nick Taussig comes a powerful doc about a family brought together through hardship. Here's your exclusive look at 'A Space in Time'.

Jens Meurer has told plenty of important stories before but the latest documentary from the producer/director is bigger than ever.

Linda G. Mills is here to bring mental health to the conversation thanks to her new film 'The Rest of Us'. Hear our interview with the director.

Jason Owolabi is easily one of the most wanted film producers in Hollywood today, as his company Black Sky Films climbs the ranks. Read our interview.

Rikke Katborg has been around the world and back as a film producer. As she starts promoting her latest film, we looked back on her career.

The Creative Film Awards is a new LA-based festival that rewrites the game when it comes to submission times. Get the deets on this amazing fest.

'Mickey Hardaway' feels like a story we heard before, because we've all dealt with it. Get the tea on this heartbreaking short film.