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In its 11th year, the New Media Film Festival continues to show the best of innovation in filmmaking techniques. Here's why you should join in on the fun.

Cosmin P. Zaharia's latest indie film The Music Island reflects his own trip to Ibiza. Read more about the inspiration behind the film.

The British Animated Film Festival aims to shine a light on talented animators and destigmatize animation as a medium. This is perfect for new animators.

Most film festivals cost you a hefty sum just to get rejected. The No Risk Fee Fest is trying to change the rules, not collecting money until you

The Show Low Film Festival combines film with the outdoors as it's held in the White Mountains. Learn more about the October film festival.

Hollywood dreams are more than just film, and the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival knows this. If you're not just a filmmaker, this is for you.

The New Media Film Festival has revealed a few of the films premiering at this year's event, and we're even more excited.

The New Voices Short Film Festival was made for new film makers. If you've been looking for a festival to show your debut picture, this is the festival

The Seattle International Screenwriting Honors may be a newer competition, but it's one that should not be overlooked.