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Documentary filmmaker Jay Geerts is bringing suicide back into the forefront with his new short film 'The Days Go By'.

Kristian Martin has never been afraid of a challenge in his filmmaking. But 'Abstract' is now the most ambitious project to date for the indie director.

The Creative Coalition is looking to give film grants to those brave enough to make a short about the complicated issue of obesity in America.

Director Ken Holmes made a big splash with his short film 'Old Hearts Cafe'. Now, as he continues to kill it during festivals, we interviewed the director.

Director Samantha Casella has been making waves for years, but her latest short film 'To a God Unknown' is a new high for her.

Director Helen Alexis Yonov's latest short 'The Gesture and the Word' teaches all of us how to find happiness in helping other people.

Paul Brenno always had a passion for camera work, and spent his career working with cameras and storytelling. Now, he's taking on COVID-19 in his new doc.

The winners of this edition of the Venice Short Film Awards are a great selection of amazing international talent in the world of independent film.

Dani Coleman has been killing the acting game for years, but she's finally taking the step behind the camera to direct her own indie shorts.