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Are you an iPhone user who is *excited* about iOS 15? Laugh through these techie memes about the latest iOS from Apple.

Is iOS 15 really coming soon? Laugh at the best memes about it here!

Everyone with an iPhone is eagerly awaiting the iOS 15 update, which means that they are talking about the features that they’re hoping to see from said update. From new app icons to, well, actually? People just want new app icons. They’re, apparently, bored of looking at the things on Twitter day in & day out. Which is where we’re going now! To look at the Twitter reactions for the iOS 15 update! 


Change it

Change your app icons, Apple. We’re bored.



It looks like abstract art.



We need focus mode in our day to day lives.


Some won’t get to enjoy the update though

iPhone 6plus users knowing they won’t join in on the fun.


Give us a new look! 

Things are really getting tiring with the whole look.


All of the new emojis! 

We need that biting lip emoji!


Let the developer beta be

You’ll get it soon enough.

Why is everyone like this?

Of course everyone is going for the developer beta for iOS 15, so this is what the Apple servers look like right now.

And then it’s the internet’s problem

That! That’s how it always goes!

Apple says time to get a new iPhone, pleeb. 

And, of course, the older models of iPhones that can have iOS 15 will immediately enter life support.

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