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TuneFab is a terrific music converter for those who use Apple Music. Find out how to operate TuneFab with these quick and easy tips.

If you have Apple Music, you need to download TuneFab now

The push to streaming hasn’t just affected TV and movies. Music too is all about your fav streaming service, whether it be YouTube Music, Tidal, Apple Music, or Spotify. But what happened to the days of downloading a song to your iPod to jam out to in the car, or downloading music to your iPhone so you can listen even when your phone signal is awful?

While iTunes isn’t dead, it’s far from what it used to be, and Apple Music does let you download music, but only to your phone. If you want to bulk up your music library, you’re going to need some help from TuneFab, the new iTunes Audio Converter that works with Apple Music. 

Convert any iTunes or Apple Music audio

Yes, we’re serious. TuneFab Apple Music Converter doesn’t just convert songs you have in your iTunes library, but any songs you’re streaming on Apple Music. That means your bomb party playlist you have on Apple Music can now make its way across all your audio-compatible devices. 

Have an iPod you still use and need to update your library? TuneFab can add the latest hits with just a quick download. Trying to transfer your Apple Music library to an Android phone? Yes, TuneFab can even set you up for that. Heck, want to make a mixtape for a friend? You can use TuneFab to burn Apple Music songs to MP3/M4A/FLAC audio files if you want. Here are some quick and easy steps to convert Apple Music here:

Step 1: Download TuneFab Apple Music Converter and open it. The iTunes App will be launched automatically.

Step 2: Add the Apple Music songs you want to convert in iTunes and then the songs will be shown on TuneFab.

Step 3: Select the songs that you want to convert by clicking the option box. On the bottom of the screen, you can make some personal settings such as choosing the output format including MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, AIFF,  AU, AC3 and changing the quality. 

Step 4: Click on the “Convert” button and then the songs are downloaded and converted successfully.

Convert into any major audio file

Though TuneFab’s main purpose is to convert iTunes and Apple Music files for your devices, it can be used as a regular-old audio converter. Compatible with most major audio file types, including MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, and more, any audio file you stick into TuneFab can be converted into the proper type for your needs. 

This means you seriously can convert your Apple Music files into the appropriate type to transfer them to non-Apple products, like your lucky generic MP3 player, your PC, or your Android device. Gone are the days of needing 27 different audio players on your computer just to jam out to some tunes. With TuneFab, you can convert everything into one type to make it easier to sort and organize your music library. 

No drop in quality

Now that Apple Music is offering Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio on its service, you may be worried you can’t keep that quality in your audio files with TuneFab. Thankfully, that’s exactly the opposite with TuneFab. During its downloading and conversion process, TuneFab takes extra care to preserve the original audio quality of the file. 

You don’t have to worry about having a LQ library, as TuneFab will make sure if you download a song in HQ, it stays in HQ in the new file. Plus, since all your music is downloaded offline, you don’t need to worry about any dropouts or buffering due to poor signal. All your music is natively on your device, so you can stream all day long. 

Quick and easy to learn

Many downloaders nowadays have 27 functions, which is great and all for the people who need it. But for those who just want one feature, it can get confusing to learn these new types of software. Not TuneFab though. Its only purpose is to download and convert audio, which means its interface is easy and simple for anyone to learn.

Plus, the conversion speeds are out of this world. On a Mac, you can see conversion speeds up to five times faster than the competitor, and on PCs, the conversion speed is even faster. You can quickly download your fav songs, upload them to your device, and jam out in no time at all. 

Get to know TuneFab

If you’re on the fence if TuneFab is right for you, try the application now to see how effective it is. Once you realize it’s your new favorite downloader, you have subscription options if you don’t want to commit to a permanent download. But don’t worry, this isn’t Adobe. You can also buy a permanent license to TuneFab if you prefer. 

TuneFab also offers a 5-day cash back guarantee if you decide you’re not a fan. But we promise you you’ll fall in love just from the free trial alone. Try out TuneFab today, so you don’t miss out. 

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