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The future is now: Is Apple’s Vision Pro the creepiest AR camera?

Picture this: typing on a virtual keyboard suspended in mid-air, while navigating a universe of apps with just a glance and a flick of your finger! Welcome to the magical world of Apple’s Vision Pro headset. This mighty device was revealed at the “Design for spatial input” session during Apple’s annual developer conference.

Let’s take a look at all the newest details that have us reminded of a certain black mirror.

Black mirrors?

The Vision Pro headset is all about immersing you in the digital space. But what’s so cool about this? You can interact with User Interface elements by simply gazing at them or making tiny hand gestures. Imagine sipping your fave mocha while your hands are chilling on your lap, and still, you’re navigating through cyberspace like a pro!

We get it, sometimes you want to touch things for real. Guess what? You can! Reach out and touch those buttons in the air. You’ll also have support for physical keyboards, trackpads, or game controllers, if you’re old school like that.

Now, let’s dish about the virtual keyboard! It’s all about feedback, according to Apple designer Eugene Krivoruchko. As your finger floats above the keyboard, buttons light up and you get this snappy response coupled with matching spatial sound effects when you hit them. It’s like giving your senses a candy shower.

Hold up! Did you hear about Meta’s direct touch feature? Well, UploadVR reckons Apple’s got them beat. They’re saying Vision Pro’s depth sensors are likely to make it more precise than Meta’s.

Speak to search

Who needs keyboards when you can chat with your device? The Vision Pro listens when you look at the microphone icon. Whisper sweet somethings, and let the six built-in mics do the magic.

The Vision Pro takes interaction to new levels. Tap, scroll, and doodle like you’re wielding a touchscreen. One demo even shows how your eyes can guide the brush cursor across a canvas. It’s almost like Vision Pro is peeking into your soul and knowing where your creativity flows!

At WWDC 2023, Apple let people slip on the Vision Pro for an immersive experience inside a chic cube-shaped building called the Fieldhouse. The device weighs under a pound and boasts sleek aluminum, shiny glass, and plush fabrics. It’s nostalgia meets the future, giving us vibes from the iPhone 6 era.

The headset comes with a battery pack offering two hours of seamless play. Twelve cameras, a LIDAR sensor, TrueDepth camera, and a sweet OLED screen make sure you’re not missing a beat.

Visual finesse

The display is the star of the show – two 4K displays, one for each eye! It’s like your eyeballs are being treated to the front row seats at the Oscars. The video passthrough is beyond crisp, and you can chat with people or scribble on your phone without even taking the headset off.

The mixed reality capability is worth gushing about. The device detects your hands and overlays them on the screen, while eye tracking and gesture control make navigation breezy. Imagine selecting stuff by tapping your thumb and index finger together, without pointing at anything. Yes, it’s that rad!

Big picture

With all the sizzle, what’s the end game here? The Vision Pro has nailed it in the hardware department, but what’s it really for? Apple’s got a sea of icons and familiar apps, but where’s the mind-bending innovation?

Developers are now on the clock to conjure something spectacular. With Apple’s hardware prowess, the stage is set for a blackened mirror that isn’t a mirror at all, but a prism for eyes to see that can.


Does any of this scare you? Let us know in the comments!

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