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Wildfires continue to devastate California and the rest of the West Coast. See the damage they're still doing to the American west.

California is burning – as are Northern neighbors Oregon, & Washington. Why is this happening and what can we do about wildfires?

This is 2020, which is what the Mayan calendar thought 2012 would shape up to be! Check out this map showing wildfires across the world.

It may not have been an accident that California is on fire. Police investigated incidents near existing wildfires and already arrested suspects for arson.

Do you live in the path of the California wildfires? Check out these interactive maps detailing fire spread and air quality, and stay safe!

A couple of people were charged with arson in connection to wildfires in California. Is there an update? Discover if they were politically motivated.

What's happening with the wildfires in California today? Here's how a gender reveal party went so wrong and caused mass destruction.

Right now, massive wildfires ravage California and the rest of the West Coast. See the landscape today and discover the horrifying conditions.