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A former boxer – at a crossroads in his life – must work for an old buddy as a drug courier in ‘Brawl In Cell Block 99’.

Brace yourself: here’s our ranking of the ten most controversial masturbation scenes in cinema history.

Here are the top 10 actors that started with indie films, from Ellen Page in 'Hard Candy' to Jesse Eisenberg in 'The Squid and the Whale'.

When season one of HBO’s 'True Detective' hit our screens back in 2014, our lives changed. To keep yourself up to date, here’s everything the green-eared spaghetti monster

If you’ve seen 'Deadpool 2' by now, you’re likely aware of one of the biggest and bestest surprises of the movie: a certain Hollywood star who nobody expected

After cancelling some of its newest shows last month, Netflix has announced new episodes of comedy-dramas Dear White People and F is for Family. Dear White People premiered globally