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After fervent protests & boycotts, Netflix has yet to remove the controversial Dave Chappelle comedy special 'The Closer'. Will it ever be removed?

Channing Tatum has shared his opinion on Dave Chappelle's controversial Netflix comedy special. See what the actor thinks about the anti-LGBTQ+ remarks.

How do you feel about Dave Chappelle’s special on Netflix? It's pushing employees to quit but the company is standing by the comedian. Learn why!

Dave Chappelle's comedy special on Netflix received a wave of backlash. Now, the company has suspended a trans employee who spoke out against the comedian.

Dave Chappelle is in hot water *again* after his latest transphobic comments on his new Netflix special. See why you need to boycott the streamer.

After a long hiatus after 'Chappelle’s Show', Dave Chapelle has made an incredible comeback on Netflix. Here's what he'll cover in his next standup.