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"Spin that classic Beatles record backward as we dive deep into the Paul McCartney dead conspiracy that's as vintage yet alive as a vinyl. Find out if Paul

Do the members of the Beatles love or hate their AI-assisted comeback? Here's what we know so far.

It looks like John Lennon was the one who broke up The Beatles, but why? Paul McCartney reveals brand new information on the matter. Join us!

How is a song by The Beatles connected to one of the bloodiest, high-profile murders of the century? Investigate the Charlie Manson murders and find out!

John Lennon, former Beatle and music legend, was assassinated by Mark David Chapman. Here's what we know about the tragic murder.

Boy bands reached their commercial peak in the 90s. Find out how the boy bands of today differ from the 90s here.

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Heads up, rock fans, Dave Grohl is making a new documentary. Get in the van with the Foo Fighters as they explore rock life before fame and fortune.

What does Paisley fabric have to do with witch trials? Read the harrowing story of Scotland's last witch trial and delve into the legend about a curse.