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Get ready to jam out to the newest project from award-winning director Lola Atkins 'PURPLE BEATZ' by watching an exclusive clip from the "I LIKE YOU" scene!

Find the magic of everyday life when you watch the trailer for J. Rick Castañeda's newest film 'All Sorts'!

Watch a home invasion go hilariously wrong in 'Friends Call Us Unlucky'. Here's how you can catch Alyssa Toledo's short film playing at NewFilmLA!

Here's how you can watch Iranian-Kurdish director Shepol E. Abbasi's 'Performance of the Dead' which combines real-life issues with high drama stakes.

Director Kyle Holbrook's newest project 'Quarantine Roommate(s)' examines the difficult realities faced by many during the pandemic lockdown.

Get to know Kimberly Meredith as she discusses her newest book 'Awakening to the Fifth Dimension: Discovering the Soul’s Path to Healing'.

Smashcut Teams Up with NYU Tisch and The New York Times Op-Docs For Online Documentary Course, Scholarships. Live Interaction with NYU Professors and Op-Docs Staffers!

William Henry To Introduce Tudor Rose Collection for Holiday, Collaboration With Oliver Trevena, Benefitting Tyler Robinson Foundation

Arts Alliance Media will partner with Digital Cinema United to bring new technology to its users. See their innovative plan for theater technology here.