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Get ready to jam out to the newest project from award-winning director Lola Atkins 'PURPLE BEATZ' by watching an exclusive clip from the "I LIKE YOU" scene!

Exclusive clip debut for ‘PURPLE BEATZ’

PURPLE BEATZ follows Sarah Jane (Izzy Jones), an aspiring singer-songwriter who moves to London to pursue her music career. There, she meets two industry professionals who take her down a dark path, from which it would be difficult to return.

Starring: Izzy Jones (“Distant”), Erika Alexander (“Abattoir,” “The Wives in the Attic”), Aron Von Andrian (“Masters of the Air”) and Steven Michael-O’Hara (“Frenemies”)

Produced by: Jason Matthewson

Genre: Drama, Music

Production Company: EWAV Works Production

Distributors:  Trinity Creative Partnership

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Language: English

Rating: N/A


Directed & written by Lola Atkins, you can watch this musical drama on Digital & VOD on October 25th.


Here is the exclusive “I LIKE YOU” clip featuring Izzy Jones & Aron Von Andrian!

purple beatz


Lola Atkins is a Director, Screenwriter and Producer.

Born in Hackney, London. She majored in Microbiology and Immunology from King’s College, London. While working within the pharmaceutical industry, she teamed up with a Producer and joined the newly established SKY TV broadcast channel ‘Babe TV’, while there she developed/produced new content and worked within the Camera department. While working at Babe TV, she enrolled at the Raindance Film School where she discovered her artistic abilities and passion for writing and filmmaking.

Beginning her filmmaking career, she launched her own production house, ‘EWAV WORKS’, writing, directing, and producing short films and animations, and delivered Animation and Film Production training workshops to schools, colleges, and juvenile offenders in prisons.

Also, Executive produced several productions psycho-thriller ‘Stalker‘, animation ‘Being Red’, thriller ‘Bind Us Together‘ and the documentary ‘Citizens Today‘. Lola’s production house, EWAV WORKS, also delivers motion images production training.

Lola directed an award-winning 2003 short drama film titled ‘HUSH‘, which was screened at the Short Film Corner in Festival De Cannes, and The BFM International Film Festival. After a long hiatus from filmmaking to spend time with her family, she returned in 2019 and directed short thriller ‘The Likelihood‘; and short drama ‘BEATS‘. Her directorial feature film debut ‘CLOCK‘, scheduled for release in Spring 2022, and is in development with her next feature psychological thriller.

purple beatz


Izzy Jones is a British South East Asian actor, singer and model. She trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and has worked in theatre as both a creative practitioner and a performer (Le Bossu, The Duck pond, Hunchback of Notre dame, The invitation). Her recent screen credits include Mia in ‘Distant’ (Will Speck and Josh Gordon) due for release this year, plus commercial work including the Apple watch campaign.

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