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Since it’s still a bit until 'Joker' hits mainstream audiences, we must see DC's trailers to adjudicate quality. But DC's trailers' history is spotty.

The best trailers can be works of editing genius all their own: microcosms of the final product emanating a tone on which the film hopes to deliver.

An attention-seeking psychic is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity in 'A Crooked Somebody'.

'Heathers', based on the 1988 cult classic film of the same name, perfectly blends drama, love, rivalry, and comedy into a modern-day masterpiece.

In 'Down a Dark Hall' a new student at the exclusive Blackwood Boarding School confronts the dark powers of its headmistress.

In 'An Actor Prepares' a world-famous, hard-drinking actor is forced to drive across country with his estranged son on one last madcap adventure.

When was the last time you signed a good petition? Was it to protest a social injustice? Police brutality? State signed acts of transphobia? Children being ripped away

Hulu’s got the flavor this month with some cool as ice documentaries, frosty films, and shivery shows to chill those brains and soothe those eyes in the fever

Gunpowder & Sky Distribution have debuted the trailer for Ben Young’s crime-thriller Hounds of Love, set for limited theatrical release on May 12. The film is set in suburban