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After shooting three protestors, two of them dead, Kyle Rittenhouse was ruled not guilty on all charges. Learn all the controversial details of his trial.

After he shot and killed two protesters, Kyle Rittenhouse is now facing possible homicide charges. Is GoFundMe supporting his legal fees?

Twenty-three year old Elijah McClain was killed by police in 2019. Read how the officers responsible for his death are being indicted two years later.

Police brutality has run rampant throughout American history. Here's a closer look at the victims and singular cases.

'Catharsis' is a short film by director Lawrence 'Law' Watford. Find out what the film and the director have to say about police brutality.

The End SARS campaign across Nigeria spawned from the controversial police program in Abuja. If you're confused about the protests, here's a breakdown.

Can U.S. policemen really dish out get-out-of-jail-free cards to their friends and family? Discover how this tradition uncovers a big problem.

Are white supremacists infiltrating your local polcie department? Discover why members of Congress want to declassify a disturbing 2006 FBI report.

When 'Fruitvale Station' hit the indie movie scene in 2013, it made waves thanks to the story of Oscar Grant being portrayed in an honest light.