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Natalie Portman stars as a biologist and former soldier in 'Annihilation' who embarks on a mission inside Area X - a sinister and mysterious phenomenon that is expanding

As if Bryan Cranston wasn’t adored enough as America’s sweetheart, this week the Breaking Bad actor spoke to IndieWire on using his male privilege to hire an all-female

Tarantino’s R-rated Star Trek primed for hyperspace; Mark L. Smith to pen script No, it wasn’t a dream. Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated Star Trek film is happening. You thought he

It’s been quite a week at the box office, and one hell of a year for the House of Mouse. Having gobbled up parts of 21st Century Fox,

It’s that time again, folks. The holiday season is upon us, and as a result, Hollywood is cramming out a few last minute blockbusters to tide us over

Hittman and Lane receive the prestigious Garbo NYC Feature Film Grant Eliza Hittman and Penny Lane have scooped up Garbo NYC Feature Film Grants, having netted a smooth $15,000

The Walt Disney Company’s earth-shattering acquisition of 21st Century Fox is dominating headlines around the world. The deal, worth $52.5 billion, will change the very fabric of the

Set phasers to stun! Paramount Pictures is having a really weird week, but sorta in a good way? Earlier this week it was revealed that Quentin Tarantino had

Make it so; Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams to team up on Star Trek flick? Quentin Tarantino is planning to boldly go where no man has gone before –