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With its ownership of Marvel, the 'Star Wars' universe, and Pixar, Disney has consistently been the most profitable studio in Hollywood; the first to gross over $5 billion

When Alex Garland’s acclaimed sci-fi horror hit Netflix earlier this year, the praise poured in. But both the filmmaker and Paramount Pictures have said "no" to a sequel.

Try to contain your excitement for this one because a 'What Women Want' remake is moving forward over at Paramount, only this time it’s called 'What Men Want'.

Proving that Paramount is keen to milk every last drop from the most popular proverbial udder of their film farm, a sequel to John Krasinski’s horror hit 'A

As is the case with many traditional industries, a change was long overdue and in the past several years, we’ve seen a steady diminishment in the old order

Ron Shelton's 'Bill Durham', 'Dragon Inn', 'A Matter of Life and Death', Steven Soderbergh's 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape', and 'Dietrich and von Sternberg in Hollywood' collection will be

Although the writers drew inspiration from theatrical icons while adding their own modern twists, there is one major problem that overshadows the movie like a multi-faced, hypersensitive monster

Emily Blunt stars alongside her real-life husband John Krasinski in 'A Quiet Place'. You can’t beat a great hook, and boy does this have one, following a family

Have mercy on us all because a live-action remake of 'Lady and the Tramp' is most definitely happening and will apparently be one of the first films to