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Ghostface isn't the only icon making a comeback! Courtney Cox has confirmed her return for 'Scream 6', but what does that mean for Gale Weathers?

Will Courteney Cox return for ‘Scream 6’?

DJ Khaled must be working on the Scream franchise. Just when you think it’s over, fans get another one, another one, and another one. The only Courteney Cox role more iconic than Monica Geller is the Scream reporter Gale Weathers.

Cox has confirmed her triumphant return for Scream 6. This also just confirmed Paramount Pictures is definitely working on another installation to the franchise. Scream fans aren’t the only ones who’ve been bitten by the Ghostface bug. . . or should we say, stabbed?

Legendary horror director Wes Craven is no longer at the helm, but somehow the ship goes on. Even better, OG actors like Courteney Cox continue to return and remind us why she’s such a vital part of the Scream franchise. However, what does this mean for Gale?

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Courteney Cox is now as much a part of the Scream franchise as Neve Campbell herself. Yet, many fans weren’t always rooting for Weathers. In fact, they might’ve even rooted for her death at some point. She was mean, conniving, and only cared about herself.

Then, like a fungus, she grew on them. They grew to appreciate her see-through ambition and willingness to do whatever it took to get her way. Her growth as a character coming to see the people around her as more than stepping stones in her career certainly helped.

Considering the Scream franchise now without Courteney Cox seems unfathomable. Weathers is the excitable go-getter to Sidney Prescott’s constant cool and Dewey Riley’s (David Arquette) nervous bravado. However, the franchise has proven it’s pulling absolutely no punches this time around and it has fans nervous.

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Not the bay-ang

The Scream fans may have come around to Ms. Weathers and her relentless truth-seeking. Yet, it seemed the actress might’ve given her hairstylist a reason to hate her at some point. The proof is in the unfortunate hairstyle and the brightly-colored coats.

Scream 3 wasn’t well-received anyway, but the unfortunate bangs they put on Courteney Cox definitely didn’t make it any better. They’re uneven and possibly a sign of a murder attempt by a drunken Ghostface. They don’t even match her outfits, which are glaringly neon.

It’s especially disappointing when considering her style in other movies. The most recent Scream installation saw a return to her infamous red suit. Scream 2 blessed her & fans with a red-streaked bob. The franchise eventually pulled it together, though, presumably by firing the vindictive hairstylist responsible for those bangs.

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Bloody legacy

The Scream franchise has come a long way from Wes Craven. Since the director’s unfortunate passing in 2015, the movies have achieved the unthinkable. They keep coming out and the fans keep eating it up. Even Scream 3 has its own special fanbase of camp lovers & the (possibly) sight-impaired. Seriously, the bangs were really bad!

The movie’s whodunnit elements mixed with horror create an interactive story. It leaves fans constantly trying to figure out who’s behind the Ghostface mask, or masks. This keeps the story consistent while still allowing it to bring in new faces, sets, and even motivations for the killers.

Courteney Cox recently confirmed the return of Ms. Weathers in the sixth installation to the Scream franchise. On the one hand, fans are excited to know their favorite reporter is coming back. On the other hand, more appearances mean more chances of her gruesome death. At least she’ll go out with style.

Are you excited to see Courteney Cox return for the next Scream movie? Or do you think it’s time for the franchise to meet its bloody demise? Most importantly: what’s your favorite scary movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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