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Unpack the drama surrounding the new 'Exorcist' movie. Discover director debarcles, plot twists, and industry power struggles. Will there be an exorcist director or a holy horror hiatus?

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We spoke with the founders of 'Sinderela' to find out how to produce content after COVID-19 and their latest classic horror movie 'Sinderela Rojo'.

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Some horror movies quickly became box office flops, as they couldn't bring in enough revenue. Here are some of the biggest fails in the entire genre.

Brace yourself for the new slasher horror film 'The Covid Killer'. The film follows a serial killer terrorizing New York hidden behind a generic covid mask.

What inspired the horror genre's most terrifying hook-handed killer? See the urban legends and true crime stories that created the iconic 'Candyman' movies.

Ghostface returns in a new trailer for 'Scream 5'. Despite some previously average sequels, 'Scream 5' is set to revive one of horror's favorite killers.