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Will 'Spencer' accurately portray the life of the late Princess Diana? Or should we expect all fiction and no facts? See what to expect from the movie.

In her newest movie 'Spencer', Kristen Stewart tackles the daunting task of portraying Princess Diana. How have critics reacted?

With the mountain of controversy surrounding the royal family, will the 'Spencer' movie spark their ire more? Dive into its reported offensiveness here.

Is the upcoming 'Spencer' going to be Kristen Stewart's best movie ever? See the reactions from Twitter from the newest trailer.

Upcoming Princess Diana film 'Spencer' has given Kristen Stewart a partner. Read about Jack Farthing who's joining the royal family as Prince Charles.

The first look of Kristen Stewart's next movie 'Spencer' releases its first image. Learn more about how Stewart channelled the late Princess Diana.

Looking for some new Kristen Stewart movies? 'Spencer', a movie about Princess Diana, will be a film to keep an eye out for.