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"Cristiano Ronaldo net worth skyrockets despite his year-long injury! His clever money-making moves show he's more than just a soccer star. Curious? Ready, set, goaal!"

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Chicken nuggets on a shoe? Only the BTS ARMY would do something this crazy. Have you ordered McDonald's signature BTS order yet?

Rapper Lil Nas X is in the news for his sizzling hot sneakers. But don't let the swoosh fool you. Here's why Nike is suing MSCHF for their

Check out these bizarre Nike shoes from Lil Nas X. Are his new "satan" shoes going to make his net worth soar?

Are the spooky stories about Chinese sweatshops really true? Take a look at all the forced labor allegations against China's Xinjiang factories.

Tiger Woods is getting another net worth boost. Read about his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame and his strong start this season.