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'Tis the season of outdoor fun! Grab a pen and take notes on the hottest outfits so you know exactly what to wear to your next music festival.

The summer of the goddess is here! The latest Grumps Collection has the outfit any partyer needs, whether they're going to a rave or a music festival.

In the tragic aftermath of Astroworld, fans are now refusing to listen to music by Travis Scott. Has the popular rager finally been knocked for the night?

The Astroworld music festival quickly turned fatal when the massive crowd began a stampede that would leave eight people dead. Was it all preventable?

Eight people were killed and many more injured at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival. Read how these young victims were killed during a crowd surge.

Coachella tickets went up for sale on Friday, and like always, it was an absolute riot. How much do they cost? Let's find out.

Music festivals are finally returning in 2021, and it finally seems like the world is coming back to life. Check out all the great music events here.

Do you miss dancing your night away at music festivals? After Katherine Schlegel's death, we have so many questions. Check out her true crime story.