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The summer of the goddess is here! The latest Grumps Collection has the outfit any partyer needs, whether they're going to a rave or a music festival.

Top 5 Casual Glamorous Rave Wear to Wear to a Music Festival

With big festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and Coachella approaching, many ravers are on the lookout for trendy and unorthodox rave wear for their next music festival. Rave wear is a byproduct of the thriving rave culture. 

Given that music festival is a spiritually awakening and ritualistic experience with a strong communal sense, rave fashion hinges on the idea of inclusivity, self-expression, and creativity. Electronic music has inspired fashion like psychedelic, reflective and holographic clothing that are reminiscent of all things futuristic and magical. 

Picking the perfect outfit that speaks volumes about your identity and personality is key but we also know it can be a lot of work. If you’re still debating what to wear to your next festival, check out the list of best rave outfits below presented by the online festival clothing brand Grumps Collection.

rave music festival

Mythology Themed Goddess Costume 

There’s nothing better than a casual-glamorous look that matches the glitz and glamour of big music festivals like EDC Vegas. The fashion term “casual glamour” usually indicates a low-key approach to getting dolled up. It’s essentially about maneuvering the art of mixing casual clothing or fabric with glamorous elements. 

We all know the saying “less is more”. With that being said, sexiness is not about being over-the-top but being comfortable and effortless. Channel your inner goddess in the most elegant look that screams ethereal beauty. Read on if you’re looking for a chic and sexy two-piece set for your next festival!

rave music festival

Dark Angel Diva

Just like Elvis Presley’s song that goes “You look like an angel, walk like an angel, talk like an angel but I got wise. You’re the devil in disguise”. This Dark Angel Diva is the perfect rave wear that shows your angelic and heavenly figure while unleashing your inner dark and seductive side. 

This sheer bodysuit features a luxe sequin material with Angel Wing appliques, which perfectly encapsulates elegance, mystery, playfulness, and sexiness. There’s nothing sexier than a woman that exudes strength, confidence, gentleness, and compassion. This two-piece set embodies the perfect mix of angelic and devilish qualities in you which will make you more desirable and impossible to resist!

rave music festival

Goddess Glam 

In Greek mythology, Aura is the ancient Titian-goddess of the breeze, cool and fresh air in the morning. She’s calm, tranquil, classy, and mysterious. This Goddess Glam Two-Piece Set is sure to bring out those captivating qualities in you. 

It features a classic white bodysuit with regal gold embroidery, a gold leaf belt, as well as a long, flowy train that trails behind you as you walk. The simplicity in the classic, sensual design and elegant detailing is what makes this ensemble one of a kind. 

After all, our aura is simply an extension of our body, acting as a mirror to reflect and radiate the energy that we ooze. Aura can be subtle and sometimes picked up by someone’s peripheral vision. This ensemble is all you need to capture others’ attention without being over-the-top or trying too hard!

rave music festival

Divine Goddess Costume 

Indulge your inner divine goddess with this elegant ensemble! This classy and hollow-out bodysuit is designed to accentuate your womanly hourglass figure. It’s embellished with a gold leaf belt and exquisite trim which provides a dash of luxury. 

The flowy mesh train that trails behind you is designed to add a touch of glamour and mystery to your style. Who says being sexy means donning a tight bodysuit with over-the-top detailing that suffocates you? 

The lightness and simplicity of this sophisticated ensemble prove that casual glam is all about effortlessness! It’s sure to make you stand out at a concert or music festival.

rave music festival

Mesmerizing Medusa Costume 

In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of the three monstrous Gorgons with venomous snakes in place of hair. She is widely known as the dangerous and irresistible creature with snakes in her hair whose gaze turns men to stone. Medusa is synonymous with intoxication, divine, and luring attractiveness. 

And this alluring ensemble embodies just everything that Medusa is! It features a rainbow-colored bodysuit made of snakeskin fabric trimmed in purple edging, a plunging neckline, and sexy cutouts at the waist. This outfit is sure to capture the male gaze and make them freeze like stone statues!

rave music festival

Angel From Heaven

Strut around with confidence and poise in this Angel from Heaven costume. Featuring an all-over shimmering white and silver brocade design, a plunging neckline that shows your celestial cleavage, and sheer white shoulder covers that complement your one-of-kind aura and heavenly figure. 

While you may look innocent like an Angel, the sexy sheer material leaves just enough to the imagination. Expect cliche lines like “Did you fall from Heaven” in this ensemble because it is sure to bring all the boys to the yard!

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