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The Hottest Outfits to Wear to Your Next Music Festival

The summer sun is shining, and it’s finally music festival season! With festivals starting back up comes the fun of picking fresh new festival clothing to wear while watching your favorite artists perform. But what styles will you choose? For the latest music festival clothing trends look no further: we’re breaking down the hottest looks sweeping festivals this season.

music festival outfits

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Floral patterns are in this season, giving a nod to vintage 60’s and 70’s style clothing. Try a bell sleeved dress with a bright, blooming daisy pattern to make your look pop. Or, if you want a trippier look, put on a crop top and matching skater skirt set that boasts a wavy, psychedelic floral print. Whatever floral look you choose, you’ll be looking absolutely groovy, baby.

music festival outfits

Be the Cowboy

Regardless of the type of music festival you’re going to, cowboy chic is a timeless form of festival clothing. Try a matching fringe-lined top and booty short set, and pair them with your favorite set of cowboy boots to complete the look. If you’re more of a denim person, wear your favorite pair of jeans coupled with a denim rhinestone-lined bustier top for an urban cowboy look. And of course, don’t forget your cowboy hat!

music festival outfits

Stun in Studs

The truth is, you can never have too many rhinestones. And festival season is the perfect place to show up and show off in a rhinestone studded outfit! There are plenty of rhinestone studded matching crop top and biker short sets to choose from, as well as rhinestone fishnet dresses to layer over your favorite bralette and booty shorts. Accessorize with your go-to pair of dangly jeweled earrings, a dash of body glitter, and you’ll be sparkling all festival weekend long.

music festival outfits

Go Out of this World

Space-themed outfits are always a favorite of festival season. If you’re looking to try a new style that’s out of your regular orbit, try picking pieces with different space-themed patterns, like stars and UFO’s. You could also wear an outfit with holographic fabric, silver-colored material that changes color when light reflects off of it, for an ethereal space princess look. These outfits are also perfect to pair with a space bun hairstyle, so be sure to get some fun hair ties to match your look.

music festival outfits

Be Bold in a Bodysuit

If you’re not feeling a matching set or a dress, a bodysuit is a great festival outfit alternative. Bodysuits give your festival clothing a seamless look and give you a ton of freedom to move as you want to. They’re also easy to accessorize, by adding mesh overlay skirts, or flowy fringe-lined kimono jackets. Just be prepared to spare a little extra time in the festival bathrooms, as you’ll have to remove the whole bodysuit in order to take care of business. All worth it for the sake of festival fashion!

music festival outfits

Match Your Mask

Outdoor festivals tend to get a little dusty with hundreds of people partying on the fairgrounds to their favorite musicians. To avoid getting unwanted sand and dust in your face, find a face mask or bandana to wear that matches your fit. They’re fashionable and functional!

music festival outfits

Fabulous Footwear

While looking good is a big part of choosing a festival look, feeling good is essential too. This is especially important when selecting what shoes to wear to the music festival you’re attending. You’re likely to spend most of your time standing and dancing, and you’ll want shoes that you can feel comfortable on your feet in for long periods of time. While stylish sneakers with a sturdy sole are always a good pick, you can spice things up with a pair of platform boots too. Our biggest suggestion? Leave your favorite six-inch heels at home!

music festival outfits

Don’t Forget to Be You!

The hottest thing you can wear to any music festival are the clothes that make you feel most at home. Don’t be afraid to showcase your style – who knows, you might find yourself a trendsetter. If you have a few different styles you’re drawn to, that’s awesome too: festivals typically run over the course of a few days, which make them the perfect opportunity to try out a variety of looks that speak your style language. Dress from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

music festival outfits

A Final Word on Festival Fashion…

Music festivals are a place where all forms of fashion are welcomed and celebrated. They’re a chance to wear the kind of clothing that makes you feel uniquely you, whether it be flowy floral patterns, cute cowboy attire, rhinestone studded shorts, shiny space-themed styles, bold bodysuits, or anything in between. The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel most comfortable, sexy, and fun. What kind of festival clothing are you planning to include in your wardrobe this music festival season?

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