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Explore the artistic lifestyle of German artists in '7 years art from Berlin "BrückenKunst" 2019', a new documentary from Gilbert Brüning.

What happens when animation and speculative science fiction come together? Journey into the future of technology with the short film 'Evil Professor'.

Do you crave adventure, excitement, and the beauty of the great outdoors? Check out the independent film 'Alaska Long Hunters' to feel the pulse of adventure.

The Montreal Independent Film Festival is home to some of the best indie films of the year. Learn about the standout short "Me, My Meds, & Mother".

'Fear of the Dark' is the new film by director Seda Anbarci. Learn about the film and the young director here.

'Justin and the Weloobee' is the new animated film by Ken Yoffe and Ellen Weisberg. Learn about the film here.

Check out the indie short film 'Fear Actually' from director Sassy Mohen and learn how some horror movie icons cope with reality.

'Black Eyes' is the new film by Canadian director Dennis Long. Learn more about the drama and the director here.

'The Two Missing Hours' is a new short by director Jean-Claude Thibaut. Learn about the film and its chilling premise.