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Clémentine Célarié is making her feature length directorial debut with the new film 'Pierre & Jeanne'. Find out why its getting so much early recognition.

Clémentine Célarié impresses with new film ‘Pierre & Jeanne’

Acclaimed entertainer ​​Clémentine Célarié is back at it again with a brand new film. The prolific actress is sitting down in the director’s chair for her feature debut with Pierre & Jeanne, a story that explores the intricacies of family struggles and what happens when money gets involved. The film is beginning to make its way to international film festivals, where it’s catching the attention of everyone who sees it.

Célarié is a longtime French actor, comedian, singer, writer, and director who’s been working in the entertainment business for decades. She’s written four books and has acted her way through dozens of roles on the stage and on the big screen. Now Célarié’s career is taking a new turn as she steps out with her feature length directorial debut.

Pierre & Jeanne is adapted from brilliant source material and stars a breathtaking cast of talented actors. You’ll likely have the opportunity to see Célarié’s stunning feature film soon enough, but to tide you over while you wait, we have the inside scoop on the film for you right here.


Director’s chair

Clémentine Célarié has previously starred in films like Nocturne indien and Betty Blue. Her acting has won her numerous award nominations, but Célarié is also a longtime writer. Her writing debut came with Le coq au vin in 1994. She also wrote 2005’s Mon Cabaret and the 2012 short film Toutes les nuits.

Célarié had her directorial debut in 2012 when she directed Toutes les nuits. Just a year later she directed the documentary Debout. Now she’s back with the feature film Pierre & Jeanne, which follows siblings of the family Roland.

Meet the family

“Family Roland lives in Etretat. Jeanne, the youngest, inherits Mr Marechal’s fortune, a friend of the parents. Pierre the elder brother, bogged down in questions, questions the sacredness of the family. Is this money hiding a heavy secret?”

Pierre & Jeanne stars Loris Freeman and Elodie Godar in the titular roles. The film also features performances from Tom Leeb, Sergi López, Dominique Pinon, Philippe Uchan, Mathieu Amalric (who some may recognize as the villain in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace), as well as Clémentine Célarié herself.

Early recognition

Pierre & Jeanne is now making its way to audiences at international film festivals everywhere. The film was recently featured at the Montreal Independent Film Festival, where it won an Honorable Mention for the category Female Director. Certainly Clémentine Célarié’s skill shines through, both in the directing and the screenwriting as she adapted the story from the Guy de Maupassant novel Pierre et Jean.

If you’re a fan of family drama, questions of loyalty, and money-rich intrigue, then Pierre & Jeanne is the perfect film for you. Make sure to keep up on where the film is being screened as it makes its way around the festival circuit. From the Montreal Independent Film Festival to one near you is sure to be a quick journey, and this is one that you definitely want to make sure you don’t miss.

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