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Is Britney Spears actually missing or just laying low because her memoir is finally speaking for her? Take a look now,

After thirty-five years, many wonder if Ara Johnson will ever be found. Unravel this missing kid case and see if Ara Johnson could possibly still be alive.

As police search for Brian Laundrie, the remains of five missing people have been found. The case of Gabby Petito raises awareness of other disappearances.

Police have shared that hints of a camping site were found in a natural reserve near Brian Laundrie's home. Read the details on where the fugitive might be.

Utah police are under investigation after letting Brian Laudrie go despite abuse claims. See how the cops' neglect led to the death of Gabby Petito.

'Doctor Who' actor Tanya Fear has been found days after going missing in LA. See a timeline of her family's Twitter campaign to bring her home.

Vanishing in thin air, these missing people have yet to be found even decades later. Read how these real-life missing people disappeared without a trace.

What is going on in the case of Suzanne Morphew? Learn all the twists and turns in this terrifying case of a missing Colorado mom.

People have primal fears within them: the dark, the vast emptiness of space, the sea. Here are some true disappearances much like Netflix's 'High Seas'.