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NBC's 'Good Girls' features some bold depictions of good women forced to make bad choices in order to take care of their families. On the flip side of

Here’s our ranking of the eight scariest films where the monster takes root within a family, a relationship, a romance, or a bedroom, and tries to destroy it

With 'Baywatch' arriving on Hulu on May 12, we figured you might want a guide to some other guilty pleasures you can stream online afterwards. So here’s our

We love a good punk rock movie and hope Alex Ross Perry's 'Her Smell' is as good as some of the best of all time. Here’s our ranking

Horror fans, rejoice! 'Scream 2' has been added to both Hulu and Netflix for May, which means you can rewatch the beloved sequel for the gazillionth time. In

With Valentine’s Day loitering in the middle of the month like cupid with a grudge, February is all about showing some love. If TV is one of your