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When it was revealed a boy in Sweden was locked up for 28 years, comparisons were made to Blanche Monnier immediately. Get to know the story.

If you're looking to watch the 'Money Heist' cast while waiting for season 5 these are the shows and movies to add to you list.

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The matriarchy may have ended with Nairobi's death on 'Money Heist', but Alba Flores and her legacy live on. Check out where you can see her next.

Blanche Monnier fell in love with a man her mother disapproved of. What she didn't know was the price she would have to pay for true love.

There’s so many shows you’re wasting your time with on Netflix. Here's why 'Locked Up' is the new 'Orange is the New Black' and why you should watch.

We’ve compiled all the TV shows available to binge during September on Netflix to watch while hiding from the seasons changing.

So put your sweatpants on, order a pizza, and bookmark this page. There’s plenty of Netflix content to enjoy on your goggle box this summer.