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Grabbing a single mop to clean up a proverbial oil spill of #MeToo sexual harrassment accusations, SAG-AFTRA proposed a ban on hotel room auditions.

To celebrate Chloë Sevigny's vivacious attitude, we’ve collected a series of controversial moments she probably couldn’t care less about.

'The House That Jack Built' follows the highly intelligent Jack and introduces the murders that define Jack’s development as serial killer.

In celebration of Lars von Trier's work and of 'The House That Jack Built', here’s a ranked list of the most shocking scenes from his best films.

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We’re here to look at ten of the best genre flicks from the 2018 festival circuit to ease the pain and perhaps show us that there is life

Whether you’re a climate change believer or denier, you might be interested to know June 5 is World Environment Day. Adding a healthy dose of signature Film Daily

In light of the Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal, we’ve decided to turn our focus towards the on-set treatment of female cast members. Here are ten of the most

We’ve got a tantalizing table full of terrifying genre hits planned for release over the next year. And we’re not talking your standard Hollywood horrors and all the