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After being arrested in July 2020, the federal courts are now demanding the names of Ghislaine Maxwell's co-conspirators. Who will be revealed?

Ghislaine Maxwell is now being charged with sex trafficking, prompting followers of her case to ask: why now? Check out all the new details here.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell getting her own private trial? Here's what we know about the documents her lawyers want to be kept from the public now.

Do Ghislaine Maxwell's siblings have her back? Delve into claims made by Ian Maxwell and see for yourself.

Alleged sex-trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell has requested a closed-door bail hearing. Is there a chance she'll get out in 2020?

Will Ghislaine Maxwell live to see the end of 2020? Discover why Maxwell and her lawyers want her moved to gen pop ASAP.

Ghislaine Maxwell has a private room in prison instead of a luxury hotel. Find out the shocking details on Maxwell's time in solitary confinement.

Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell? Uncover the whereabouts of the disgraced socialite and find out why we won't be seeing photos of her anytime soon.